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5 Games Like the Redress of Mira

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5 Games Like the Redress of Mira

The Redress of Mira is a walking simulator set in a surreal space that lets you experience an immersive adventure in search of inner peace. Not every day do you see developers keep their promise of delivering a captivating, rich story. However, developer Tonguc Bodur raises the bar with the dramatic tale of Mira. Taking on the role of Mira, players are immersed in a splendid journey riddled with guarded secrets that only history can help solve. 

As the makers of Bottle: Pilgrim, Drizzlepath, and Poetic Ones, Tonguc Bodur retains his element of nonlinear exploration of a stunning atmospheric environment akin to a mystical and dream ambiance in the game. Moreover, players also relish the occasional platforming and light puzzles. Frankly, with so much to offer, the thrill of adventure takes you to a new high. If you're in the market for similar games, we've got you. Why stop the adventure at one game? Here are games like “The Redress of Mira.”  

5. Dread Delusion

Dread Delusion - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Despite being launched in early access, Dread Delusion is still a delight to play. The game plays like an unfinished project where you'll occasionally bump into bugs, but that doesn't dull the fun; here's why: For starters, playing the games invokes an Elder Scrolls sensation. Also, the RPG delivers a compelling storyline that'll force you to leave no stone unturned when uncovering the secrets.

You start the game as a prisoner and choose which crime to be convicted for. After getting released, you immediately get a job as a mandatory obligation by the Inquisition. Your role is to find and capture the infamous outlaw Vela Callo. Before you embark on your adventure, the game lets you choose a combination of traits to boost your character. For instance, you may improve your Guile and Wisdom to escape trouble slyly.

Moreover, Dread Delusion takes you back to the nostalgic times of PlayStation 1 visuals. With free exploration, you'll encounter monstrosities, secrets, and quests to accomplish. Positively, Dread Delusion is what you get if Lovecraft and Elder Scrolls had a baby.

4. Fragments Of a Mind

What would you do if the answers to all your troubles lay in your dreams? Well, it's time to call the oneirocritic. However, in Lone Wolf's action-adventure game, Fragments of a Mind, you'll have to interpret the dreams yourself. Travel to the dream world and help Cassandra understand the meaning behind her twisted dreams. The more you dig, the more things appear to be unreal.

Don't get it twisted. The dream world won't be filled with a bunch of unicorns, flowers, and butterflies, no sir! You'll be battling powerful enemies. Each attack is unique and tests your limits. The best way to beat them is by thinking outside the box. Be cautious; the enemy will set traps to slow you down. The game's mechanics have a neat way of making every encounter feel fresh and equally challenging.

Moreover, your quest is to uncover Cassandra's memory bits littered throughout the dream world. This calls for heavy exploration of a world with plenty of twists and turns. But worry not; the picturesque landscapes with a Japanese theme make exploration worthwhile. 

3. Sephonie

Sephonie - Official Release Date Trailer

There's an infinity pool of adventure games that feature a storyline where the character is trapped on an island. But nothing comes close to the enthralling 3D platformer, Sephonie. The game accurately conveys an emotional storyline mixed with a spiritual mystery. You experience the game through the eyes of three scientists, Ing-wen, Amy, and Riyou, who end up shipwrecked on an island. The scientists display distinct personalities, and you can easily swap characters. 

As usual, scientists have a knack for making discoveries, which is evident in the characters. Most of the time, you'll explore the intricate, vast cave networks and discover new species. The game uses a Puzzle Grid System to link with the species and acquire new abilities. Moreover, the characters experience a spiritual paradigm shift due to an ancient spiritual presence lurking over the land mass.

Moreover, the highlight of the adventure is traversing the vast subterranean environment. You can sprint, jump, or swing through the air using long-tongued Ribbats. Just be careful not to fall into the abyss. 

2. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits - State of Play Trailer | PS5, PS4

The Grim Reaper is a terrifying skeleton collecting dead souls in many narratives. Wielding his scythe, the hooded figure's presence is petrifying. However, Ember Lab ameliorates the reaper and replaces him with a young spirit guide in their action-adventure video game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits. There's nothing to be scared of as you play as Kena, an adventurer who guides the dead souls to the spirit world.

As is to be expected, such a big responsibility comes with its fair share of troubles. Some of the souls are unable to transition due to unresolved issues. This causes unrest in the world to the extent of evoking a dark spirit that releases monsters and makes the forest fall apart. You have a quest to find the sacred mountain shrine. However, to access it, you must free the trapped spirits.

Moreover, you get an adorable little creature, the Rot, as your spiritual companion. The Rots are valuable in waging war against enemies and lending a hand to accomplish tasks. What's more, just like in The Redress of Mira, you're in for plenty of exploration.

1. Northern Journey

Atmospheric Gameplay Trailer Northern Journey

Northern Journey is an adventure into the Norwegian wilderness in search of the cold mountains. Unlike Game of Thrones, this journey to the north will not feature white walkers, but you'll encounter eerie creatures. The game is set in a fast-paced environment with varying landscapes. One minute you're zip-lining through a dense forest, and the next minute you're fighting spiders in the desert. 

Moreover, the game is no short of an adventure. Moreover, the peculiar tasks give you an unpredictable yet familiar experience. There are over 50 distinct and challenging bosses to defeat, accompanied by a custom soundtrack that complements the action. The best way to defeat them is by collecting weapons and new tools.

Furthermore, like The Redress of Mira, Northern Journey features an atmospheric, medieval setting that's overwhelmingly satisfying to explore. 

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our five best games, like the Redress of Mira? Are there other games we should know about? Please let us know in the comments or over on our socials here



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