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GameBit’s Debut VR Title Naau: The Lost Eye Gets Release Date

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Turkish-based studio, GameBit, had teased its debut PC VR title, Naau: The Lost Eye back in September 2019. There hadn't been much in terms of announcements till recently when they announced that Naau would be released on Early Access this February.

Naau: The Lost Eye - Announcement Early Access Trailer

Naau: The Lost Eye is a narrative adventure game that has been built from the ground up exclusively for VR. The game puts an emphasis on its physics-based mechanics that give an edge in its combat as well as puzzle solving. GameBit boasts of its creating the “most intensive VR experience possible with its independent developers and designers.”

Players get to discover the mystical world of Naau, a realm of fantasy sprawling with all manner of mythical beings and locale. The player will find themselves searching deep in the ruins of ancient temples, exploring cities in the sky, traversing steep and rugged canyons, or dark, subterranean metropolises where the entire world is upside down. The world is littered with creatures for the player to test their combat prowess against, from the smallest bat and flower bug to the colossal Woldham Giant Tree. In between, throughout their journey, they will have to face Battle Wizards, Obsidian Golems, a variety of Giant Flowers, Spider Flowers, Poisonous Flowers, Flying Fish, and much more.

Naau: The Lost Eye boasts of a robust combat system for players to master through their playthrough. Players will have their pick of an arsenal of melee weapons for hand-to-hand combat as well as bows, crossbows, boomerangs, and flower guns to pick off their enemies from a distance. Players can even wield magical abilities to defying gravity, throwing objects found in their surroundings, grabbing their enemies, and throwing them into the air.

Understanding the possibility of motion sickness, Naau also offers three forms of locomotion: Teleportation, Free Locomotion, and Dash Teleportation, for the player to choose from based on their comfort and ease of control.

Naau: The Lost Eye will be releasing on Feb 25 on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.



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