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Gambit to Compete in ESL Pro League Season 15 under the Team Name “Players”

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Back on March 2nd, ESL followed suit with the rest of the world by imposing sanctions on Russian-related companies, teams, and players. ESL had stated that any team with “apparent ties to the Russian government” would be banned from the tournament.

The solution was that players could still compete as long as it was under a “neutral” name. Preventing any type of relation to Russia in light of the situation that is constantly developing in Ukraine.

While these sanctions only affected Gambit Esports and Virtus Pro, both teams would need to change their name in order to compete. Virtus Pro acted quickly and renamed themselves “outsiders” just a week after the announcement.

Gambit Esports on the other hand took a little longer to decide. But, it looks like the squad has made their decision, and has temporarily re-labeled themselves as team “Players”. Yes, you read that right.


ESL Pro Leauge Season 15

Well, it may be weird seeing these players competing under these names it marks good news. This confirms all teams for ESL Pro League Season 15, which is set for a full schedule of FPS action.

The Group Stage has already kicked off on March 9 and will run till April 3rd. You may have missed out on some of the action so here is a quick run-down of what has happened so far.

Three teams have advanced from the Group A playoff stage, those teams are:

  • NIP (Ninjas In Pyjamas)
  • Fnatic
  • Entropiq

The following teams competed in a cluster of matches yesterday and it came with a clean sweep across the board for G2 Esports, Mouse Esports, and Entropiqteam.

These three teams have secured their spot in the playoffs, which will take place starting April 5th. In the meantime, there are a ton of matches that need to be played for Group B, C, and D. You can catch all these games from March 16th all the way till April 3rd. The results from these group stages will determine the other three teams that will compete for the championship.


So what are your thoughts on Gambit Esports new name? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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