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Future Games Show 2022: What You Need to Know for the Spring Showcase

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GamesRadar is back with its popular Future Games Show on March 24, which is this Thursday. Since its inception in 2020, the event has grown in popularity due to its goal of showcasing current and upcoming titles for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Its Spring Showcase is no exception, as there will undoubtedly be some noteworthy announcements and news.

The event is expected to broadcast over 40 games, eight world premieres, and some unexpected cameos. The Spring Showcase is going to be one of the biggest events yet so you definitely won't want to miss it. You can catch it streaming live on the GamesRadar's website here or across their socials on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, set to air at 3 pm PDT.


The reason the Future Games Show has seen such notoriety in such a short amount of time is due to the fact it highlights games across all genres. With no limitations on what they premiere, typically you can catch the biggest publishers and titles at the screening.

According to GamesRadar, the first show of three for this year's Future Games Show is set to be the best one yet:

“2022 will be our biggest and most ambitious year yet, with even more publishers and developers delighted to share their exciting new games with the Future Games Show audience”


So far, what we do know is that we will be getting trailers for Vampire: The Masquerade and Forever Skies. Team 17 will highlight its upcoming releases alongside Frontier Foundry who will be making an announcement on a new game. One of the studies that are expected to have a world premiere of their new title is Demagog Studios, but that's just one of eight.

This is just grazing the surface though as there is a whole load of new trailers, games, and other announcements yet to be revealed. You will definitely want to be actively checking GamesRader Twitter to stay up-to-date with these as they release, or you can grab your popcorn and watch it live!


So let us know how you will be watching the event in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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