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Frogun Encore: Everything We Know

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Frogun Encore

The grand invention of the modern console transformed gaming to greater heights. With high-end graphics and textures, players would now bid adieu to retro gaming-pretty much, out with the old and in with the new. But retro gaming still captures the hearts of many, so much so that developers intentionally create games with the charm and look of retro titles.

One such fine example is Top Hat Studios’ Frogun. Released in 2022, the game is a classic retro-style 3D platformer that takes the protagonist, Renata, on an adventure to save her parents. The game delivers old-school bliss with its bright visuals and low-poly models, which, most certainly, fans of the genre relish. 

Actually, fans would relish it enough to wish for a sequel. And by Alladin's rub of the genie bottle, this wish will soon come true. Frogun Encore, a sequel to Frogun, is set to launch sometime this summer. So what is it, and will it have the same depth of gameplay as its predecessor? Here's everything we know about Frogun Encore.

What is Frogun Encore?

Frogun Encore is an upcoming game developed by Molegato and published by renowned indie game publisher Top Hat Studios. The latter is the brainchild behind classic indie games like Kaichu-The Kaiju Dating Sim, Vengeful Heart, and Gunkid 99. The duo was also behind the release of the game's predecessor, Frogun, which was met with mixed reviews after its release. While some players praised the game for sticking to the retro-style puzzle platforming theme, others claimed it was too challenging.

Well, it looks like Molegato is taking some of this feedback on board with the upcoming title. The game will feature a new game mechanism, a co-op story mode, and various upgraded elements.


The title's storyline takes place three years after Renata's successful attempt to save her parents. Since then, she would spend her summer in her newly-found friend Jake's town. One fateful day, the duo returns to the town from a hike, only to witness an ongoing invasion by the nefarious Fly Bois. Then they realize that the Beelzebub and the wicked General Fluff are up to no good. Their grand scheme is to use secret technology and ensure the return of the Lord of the Flies. Knowing how much devastation and despair this would bring the inhabitants, Renata and Jake set off on a retro adventure to stop the execution of the malevolent plans. This is where you come in.


In the previous title, Renata's frogun made navigation and combat relatively easy. When fired, the frogun would shoot a long tongue, which grappled the enemies towards you, or you could use it to pull across levels. In Frogun Encore, the game builds on this foundation and introduces a range of new move sets.  

Going by the trailer, the frogun will still be your trusted weapon. The new title adds some tweaks to the frogun, greatly improving fluid movement. You can now perform double jumps, zip across zip lines, twirl, or get airborne by using grabbed objects and enemies to gain momentum. 

Moreover, you'll witness the retro world from a bird's eye view while flying in Hatter's plane. Players will explore the world beyond, venture into new spaces, and make new friends. 

What's more, the hat collection makes a return, so you can show off your fashion sense by unlocking and donning various headgear. 

The new title introduces a local co-op mode that supports multiplayer, unlike in the previous title, where multiplayer was exclusively available for Versus Arenas. This time, Jake accompanies you from the game's inception. You can team up with a mate and work together until the end. The journey comes with great risk and reward. While you'll be fighting bosses along the way, there are several treasures to collect. 

To top it off, the game features a photo mode that lets players pose and showcase their creative side. If you have a little whimsical nature in you, this is a great avenue to let it out. 

Finally, Frogun Encore exists as a stand-alone title. This means you don't need to play the previous title to explore the vast, entertaining depths its successor holds. Just grab a console, and you're good to go. 


The ribbitin' return of Frogun is the ingenious work of the title's developer and publisher. Top Hat Studios is well known for curating and publishing indie games. Some of the titles published by the studio may have an unconventional approach. They could either be weird, wacky, or appeal to the old soul. Regardless of the feelings the games invoke among players, the studio keeps to the true spirit of indie with all its games. Similarly, Frogun Encore embodies the retro spirit with its stylish low-poly visuals and bursting rays of color at every level. 


Frogun ENCORE ►Official Reveal Trailer

Fortunately, Molegato has already dished out a trailer that gives a glimpse of what we should expect once the game drops. The 1-minute 2-second snippet showcases the gameplay, featuring the double jumps, coin collection, and how incredibly useful your frogun can get. 

You can view the trailer from the above-embedded video if you're yet to watch it.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

From the horse’s mouth, we anticipate that Frogun Encore will launch sometime in the summer of this year. The developers are yet to give an exact date for when that will be. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (Microsoft Windows and Linux) via Steam.  

We expect the developers will release more details soon, with the game's release being in close quarters. If anything changes ahead of its summer launch, we'll be sure to fill you in on all the details right here on In the meantime, for more information on Frogun Encore, you can follow the official social feed here.  

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of Frogun Encore when it drops this summer? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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