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Free Games on PlayStation Plus: May



PlayStation Plus is Sony’s monthly subscription service that provides its users free access to some PS4 and PS5 videogames. For $4.99, you will get a mix of blockbusters and great indies that would otherwise be easy to miss. The following 3 titles will be available from May 4th to May 31st.

Stranded Deep

We’ve all probably seen Cast Away and wondered how well we would fair off on a deserted island. Stranded Deep lets us test our hypothetical skills from the comfort of our home. The game is set on a lush island in the Pacific Ocean where you will have to scavenge for supplies and craft tools that will help you survive but never really thrive. Hunt animals, dive in shark-infested waters, battle bosses, and farm resources till you find the way to get off the damn island.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

PlayStation Plus: Stranded Deep

Well, this looks better than my condo Steam


Wreckfest is an entertaining demolition derby racing game made by Bugbear. In it, nothing is off the table, so prepare to break every rule imaginable to earn your victory. As such, the game is filled with over-the-top moments, while also being a realistic physics simulator. This makes for a very unique and immersive experience with no shortage of hilarious moments.  If you are a fan of the FlatOut series and thrive in chaos, Wreckfest will surely impress you.

Platforms: PlayStation 5

Wreckfest gameplay

Uh, oh … Stan’s been drinking again! Steam

Battlefield V

Lastly, we have a continuation of EA’s popular first-person shooter. Battlefield 5 drops us back into the era of World War II, focusing on some of the more obscure aspects, such as the Norwegian resistance. Save the engaging campaign, Battlefield V also has a popular multiplayer mode, which has its problems but is ultimately pretty solid.

Platforms: PlayStation 4

There are a ton of amazing games available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Here are some that we would recommend.

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