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Free Games on PlayStation Plus in July



PlayStation Plus is Sony’s monthly subscription service that provides its users free access to some PS4 and PS5 videogames. For $4.99, you will get a mix of blockbusters and great indies that would otherwise be easy to miss. The following titles will be available from 6th July till 2nd August.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

To kick things off, we have an acclaimed medieval adventure from Asobo Studio. In it, we'll follow Amicia and her brother Hugo as they try to survive in the bleakest times of human history. To do this, you will have to evade Inquisition soldiers as much as disease-carrying swarms of rats. A Plague Tale is an emotional tale with smart puzzles and well-developed characters that will stick with you for a while. And, there will also be a sequel.

PlayStation Plus: A Plague Tale

Explore France at the brink of a collapse Steam

Platform: PS5

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

For something more cheerful, here is a wacky arcade action game. WWE 2K Battlegrounds features 70+ wrestling legends and arms them with over-the-top abilities for an unhinged experience. Battlegrounds has a pretty cool single-player campaign, but the real fun starts online, as you play with your friends and compete in tournaments.

Platform: PS4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 is the first CoD game not to feature a single-player campaign. Instead, we got 3 engaging multiplayer modes. Aside from classic PvP, we also have adrenaline-infused Zombie mode and Blackout, which drew inspiration from battle royale. The last one is the most interesting, as it brings characters, weapons, and locations from previous installments, and gives them an interesting twist. Personally, this is the most intriguing title currently available on PlayStation Plus that every fan of shooters should try.

Platform: PS4

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown

Lastly, we have a remake of Sega's cult 1v1 arcade game from 2006. VF has an engaging martial arts combat system with a surprising amount of depth. Re-experience the Rank, Match, and Arcade mode or go online and fight in tournaments against 15 other players. While it looks a bit dated, the gameplay is still fun.

Virtua Fighter 5 gameplay

Return of a cult classic Sega

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