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Fortnite Update v24.40 Introduces Ranked Mode – What Ranked Mode Means

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Fortnite Update v24.40 Introduces Ranked Mode - What Ranked Mode Means

Epic Games announced the arrival of Fortnite update 24.40, which introduces a highly anticipated new feature called Ranked Play. This new mode will completely replace the existing Arena mode. It offers players a chance to compete in a more competitive environment. With the introduction of Fortnite Ranked Mode, players will now have the option to activate the “Ranked” switch in the game's main menu. This will enable matchmaking with players of similar ranks, adding a whole new level of competition to Fortnite. Players will assume a starting rank based on their recent performance in matches upon playing their first match in Ranked.

Ranked Play features a total of eight distinct ranks, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal. The highest rank, Unreal, will grant players access to a dedicated leaderboard for Unreal players. Unreal players will no longer be able to rank down for the remainder of the season.

Both Zero Build and Battle Royale will feature the Ranked Mode. There will be an inaugural season called the Ranked Season Zero. The Zero Build can support the Duos mode, while Battle Royale offers Solo, Duos, and Squads modes for ranked play. Each mode will have its own separate ranking system, enabling players to compete in Battle Royale and Zero Build independently.

More Changes Coming to Fortnite with the Update v24.40

In addition to Ranked Play, Epic Games is making significant gameplay changes in the upcoming update. Harvesting rates and material caps will be adjusted, providing a new dynamic to resource gathering and management. Material caps will be decreased from 999 to 500, encouraging players to be more strategic with their resources. Harvesting rates will also see a slight increase, making it easier to collect materials for building.

The update will also fix several bugs in the game that players have reported. Some notable fixes include eliminating the shiny or glossy appearance of outfits and improving the interaction between back blings and the Clone Trooper outfit. It will also ensure players properly enter build mode after using the ODM Gear.

The update is currently live and players can now play the Ranked mode. Players can also switch the mode on and off as they wish. 

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