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Fortnite: Trios being formed for the Fortnite Champion Series

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The Fortnite Champion Series is making fans eager for the next edition. Despite the $ 2 million prize, the latest FNCS Invitational left something to be desired. The Epic team announced that Chapter 2 – Season 3 would focus on soil for the fifth Fortnite Champion Series.

However, players would have to have something to cheer up. The sixth Fortnite Champion Series will feature trio competition. Taking Season X into account, which was very good, the players were very excited. The Cash Cup Trios returned in Chapter 2 – Season 3, which lit a fire on the eastern scene of NA.

The trios are being formed for yet another Fortnite Champion Series. (Image: Epic Games)

The trios quickly formed, including the Season X Champions ZexRow, MackWood and Calc, and a few other outstanding trios followed suit. FaZe Bizzle, NRG Clix and TSM Commandment were among the outstanding teams. All three players found success before Chapter 2 – Season 3. Another notable trio of Chap, Av and NRG Edgey looked promising. However, a lot has happened in the last few weeks, when players looked for new teammates.


FaZe Clan player Bizzle teams up with Dubs and Megga to form a great trio. Bizzle separated from Clix and Commandment and spawned a Twitlonger that is linked above. This combination of Bizzle and the runners-up in Chapter 2 Season 2 will be a very good combination. The FaZe Clan is certainly excited to see three of its members on the list, so they try to dominate the NA East Cash Cups.


Assault has become one of the main options for pairs looking for a great player. So Clix and Blakeps, who played together in Chapter 2 Season 1, added Assault. Blakeps was in partnership with Ceice and HighSky, but Blakeps was not willing to pass up the opportunity to play with Clix again in a competitive environment. The addition of Assault has raised the level of the trio a lot, they will prove their worth in the results.


Team Liquid's Cented has been moving from West NA to East NA since the start of Chapter 2 Season 2. He moved east with partner NRG Edgey to compete for a significantly larger prize. The pair ranked ninth in Chapter 2 of Season 2, before Cented returned to NA West. Edgey joined Chap and Av and stayed in the East. These three played well as a trio, but Cented's move to the east pushed Edgey away from Chap and Av. Ninth place added Commandment, from Team SoloMid, the final shoe for after parting ways with Clix and Bizzle.


Edgey's departure caused Chap and Av to split up. Considering its success since the beginning of Chapter 2 – Season 2, this was an amazing result. Av is looking for a trio, however, Chap seems to already have a trio. Reddit comments say Chap will be joining Ajerrs and Ferrrnando after former Team Liquid Vivid teammate leaked some tips. It may be an exaggeration, but it is a theory, however.


  • Tfue, inocentes e escopo
  • Bugha, Avery e Jamper
  • Zayt, Saf e Stretch
  • ZexRow, MackWood e Calc
  • Khanada, Kreo e Bucke

In this preparation for the season, we have many changes, however, many right teams. Tfue seems content with innocent and scoped “cracked” controlling players. Bugha and Avery had discussions a while ago but there is no doubt that this trio can go far. The duo FNCS Champions Zayt and Saf, together with Stretch, were undoubtedly the best trio after their victory in the recent Lachlan Trios Cup. Season X Champions ZexRow, MackWood and Calc will remain a trio, as will Khanada, Kreo and Bucke.

It is very important to always quote expectations in the competitive Fortnite scene that this generates. The player lists may change, but we can expect that the internship will continue to focus on the trios for now. With all this going on, trio tournaments will be exciting to watch in this Chapter 2 Season 3.

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