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Fortnite: How to Level Up Fast and Easy

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Leveling up in Fortnite is an essential task to earn rewards and maintain ambition within the game. In the case of Season 4 of Chapter 2 of the Epic Games battle royale, there is a greater difficulty in obtaining experience points. Although the update time has increased considerably. There are good alternatives to quickly evolve the level. The realization of different types of challenges, the acquisition of the Battle Pass and greater play with friends.

Leveling up quickly is one of the main goals of Fortnite users. (Image: Epic Games)

Initially, you need to understand the game experience system, which includes account and Battle Pass levels. The first includes a number for all seasons already played by the respective account. The second is based on each new season and represents the evolution of the Battle Pass levels. Those who do not have the item package are limited to reaching level 100, being unlimited for those who purchase it.

In general, there are different ways to obtain experience points and increase the levels of the Battle Pass categories. How to get kills, finish in good positions and stay alive for as long as possible in matches.

Complete quick and weekly challenges

In a nutshell, completing quick and weekly challenges are the best options to move up the level quickly. Updated daily, the rapids yield a small amount of experience points. Accumulate up to 50,000 XP if the player does not complete within 24 hours, but require easy and practical tasks.

Weekly challenges yield between 25 and 50 thousand experience points. (Image: Fortnite)

Weekly challenges yield between 25 and 50 thousand experience points. (Image: Fortnite)

As for the weekly ones, as the name says, they are usually available every Thursday. They have challenges that usually alternate between 25 and 50 thousand XP for each of them, with a more advanced degree of difficulty to be completed.

Attention to murals

The murals are made up of progressive challenges that are not updated daily and tend to be more challenging as the player progresses through it. Examples of required challenges involve absorbing damage with the Groot Vines Shield, inflicting damage with Doctor Doom's powers, traveling a number of meters with the Silver Surfer's Board, staying in the top ten, winning matches in different modes, and more .

Altogether there are 55 murals, which generally have more than three landmarks each. With the granting of approximately 15 thousand XP per milestone, a number well above the old Battle Medals system. Whoever has the Battle Pass, for example, receives more experience points than usual.

Get XP coins

According to the weekly challenge update, XP coins are updated and appear in ten units from different points on the map. To pick them up, just approach the location indicated and contact it.

XP coins appear in four types of rarities in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

XP coins appear in four types of rarities in Fortnite. (Image: Epic Games)

In general, there are four types of rarities available, with different amounts of experience offered. Green and blue, which award a total of 5,000 and 6,500 experience points. Purple, with explosion in small coins that yield lower experience values and total 10,300 XP points. Dourada, which yields 15,000 experience points.

Get the Battle Pass

Worth 950 V-bucks, the Battle Pass is awarded a wide range of rewards. Highlighting the costumes of Marvel characters. As the player progresses through the tiers of the item pack, both an increase in personal XP and friends is granted. Therefore, it is very important to acquire the Battle Pass if you want to increase the speed to level up the game.

Try to survive as long as possible

Fortnite has a reward system for those who can stay longer in matches. This is counted from the appearance of the first circle of the storm. The benefits are variable, but always reward good experience points. Therefore, try to survive as long as possible during the matches.

Play with friends

With the Battle Pass purchased, try to play with friends. If possible, also have the item package to further increase the available XP multiplication. Thus, the best possibility is to play in squads of three or four players and maximize the bonus for each game played.

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