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Fortnite: Game Review on Xbox Series X

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It has been over three years since Fortnite officially became a two-generation console title. Now, there has been an announcement of the launch for Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and Sony's PlayStation 5. The game remains relevant today on a multitude of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile. Microsoft and Sony are committed to working on this new generation at Fortnite. The trend is very successful because the fan base is huge.

Dynamic Visuals, Physics and 1080P Resolution

Even without a 4K monitor, on the Xbox Series X Fortnite runs smoothly. The improvement over the Microsoft system used on the Xbox One is undeniable. The mist on Misty Meadows is clearly visible, the storm is much easier to track and navigate and explosions, grass and trees look better than ever on the console. The graphics and visuals were two aspects that Epic Games improved in this new generation. You could say that Fortnite has never looked so good on a console like this.

The SPF remains at 60 regardless of what happens on the map. (Image: Fortnite)

The SPF remains at 60 regardless of what happens on the map. (Image: Fortnite)

Now speaking of FPS, Fortnite on the Xbox Series X has kept its promises. The SPF remains at 60 regardless of what happens on the map. Players who played against them would have no chance. As much as the fan will have to shell out $ 500, the Xbox Series X offers a cheaper alternative without having to assemble a PC for example.

Split Screen Improvements

In December 2019 Epic Games added a split screen feature in Fortnite. With many limited vision features, it is far from perfect. However, the developers promised an improved experience on the Xbox Series X, S and PS5. Mechanically, nothing has changed from the last generation to this generation with the split screen feature. However, everything that has been commented on in relation to visual terms, applies to the split screen as well.

Introducing Split Screen!

Faster Loading Times

Epic Games has made promises on older consoles to improve load times. However, they delivered this only on these new consoles. I've never seen games load faster than on the Xbox Series X. It's no revolution, however, loading Fortnite faster makes it more tolerable. Dying during spawn, while still annoying, is much less annoying when I can load you into a new game without much delay.

Fortnite Console is Still Inferior

Some other issues still exist and are difficult to ignore. Entry delay is one of the things that has prevented Fortnite from the beginning of the game. Regardless of the controller's sensitivity, the commands appear slow and awkward. This problem is not specific to the Xbox, but to the console in general.

Another disadvantage is that Fortnite can only run at 60 FPS in 1080P despite these machines being upgraded. Microsoft announced the X Series specifications some time ago. We know that it is capable of running at 120 FPS. Why is Fortnite limited to 60? For sure, something is missing here. Adding a 120 FPS option would level the playing field even more between PC and consoles. Hopefully, Epic can make that happen soon.

Is It Worth Buying A New Xbox For Fornite?

The question that remains is whether it is worth buying a new Xbox to play Fortnite. Although the game itself is free, the Xbox is priced at $ 500. These graphics enhancements in Fortnite are exclusive to next generation consoles. If you don't have a decent monitor, it won't make much difference if you buy an Xbox Series X or let it pass. Overall improvements from Xbox One to the X Series are small.

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Are the best graphics, split screen and loading time enough to justify the price? My opinion is that I would not go out and buy a new console just for Fortnite. Usually if you have plans to play other games in the future, it's worth it. The look is impressive, and I wouldn't mind spending a few hundred dollars for a 4K monitor to get the full experience.

However, if you're buying a high-end console, be sure to try Fortnite. If you don't plan to buy a next generation system, Fortnite alone shouldn't be your deciding factor. It all depends on what you value as a player.

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