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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 Information

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It is evident that Fortnite fans are eager to watch the best players compete. This Chapter 2 Season 4 had the Fortnite Champion Series revealed. For the first time, FNCS performed in Season X. Tournament organizers pulled all the stops at the inaugural FNCS. Epic has distributed a $ 10 million prize, spread across all seven competitive regions. As usual, Europe tops the award list.

After four seasons, Fortnite's competitive landscape is already very different. The players have raised the level of dispute a lot. Each season that passes forces competitors to adapt to significant changes in the map, loot pool and game goal. However, since Season X, prize pools have decreased significantly. Even though Epic Games manages to offer millions of dollars of prize money per season, they divide the prize pools between PC and console.

This will not change in Chapter 2 Season 4. It appears that both PC and console players will receive a share of the overall prize that the developers are offering this season. Epic Games has not released any set of award rules for FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4, however, we should see that soon. With the tournament starting this weekend, let's take a look at some of the factors that come into the FNCS this season.

Items/Weapon Changes

In that Chapter 2 Season 4 there was a reformulation in the set of withdrawals compared to last season. Among these changes, the Pump Shotgun had changes. The Charge Shotgun remained in the last season, and Combat Shotgun returned for the first time since its debut in season 9. Some other weapons and return items included tactical SMG, light machine gun, suppressed SMG, revolver, bazooka bandage, bouncer, Grenade and Shockwave Crash Pads.

Charge Shotgun remained in Chapter 2 Season 4. (Image: Epic Games)

Charge Shotgun remained in Chapter 2 Season 4. (Image: Epic Games)

Kit's Shockwave Grenade Launcher and Jules' Glider Gun and Mythic weapons from last season are no longer available. The classic fish Floppers and Slurpfish will be available, in addition to a variety of new ones. One of these new ones is the Midas Flopper. Cars are available to players this season also on competitive playlists.

Boogie Boms and Port-a-Forts appeared this season, but Epic Games removed both from the competitive. Thus, one of the disadvantages of Chapter 2 Season 4 is the lack of spawns in the chest. Decision made by Epic Games that reduced from 100% to numbers between 50% and 70%. This competitive Fortnite season should be one of the best, as long as the servers stay up during intense final games.

Key Points of Interest (POIS)

Without a doubt, Stark Industries and Doom's Domain will be the two most popular locations during the Fortnite Champion Series. They have their own properties and exclusive offers, making it attractive to drop. Each has a safe full of exceptional items. These safes are worth the amount of spawn fights that will take place. Teams that win the Domain of Destiny and Stark Industries will have superior weapons, many healings and rotation to carry them through to the end of the game.

Stark Industries and Doom's Domain will be the two most popular locations during the Fortnite Champion Series in Chapter 2 Season 4. (Image: Epic Games)

Marvel Quinjet POIs also influence rotations and drop points. These locations will have non-playable characters, the Stark Robot (NPCs). Players can hack and use them as allies. Quinjets offer Stark Industries Energy Rifles, in addition to Stark Supply Drones. These drones eliminate Mythic Marvel's superhero abilities. All other POIs are expected to see far less spawn fights than those listed above.

Marvel Superpowers

The last season of Fortnite saw Marvel Comics superheroes invade Battle Royale Island. As a result, several mythical abilities are available on the map. Doctor Doom first appeared in his own POI called Doom's Domain, replacing Pleasant Park. When eliminated, Doctor Doom loses his Mythic skills, which remain in Arena Mode to this day. These abilities are called the Doom Arcane Gauntlet and the Mystic Bomb and can be useful this season.

Doctor Doom first appeared in his own POI called Doom's Domain in Chapter 2 Season 4. (Image: Epic Games)

Epic Games tried to nullify the skills, but players found them useful. The Mystic Bomb is worth carrying simply for its impact on the builds. When making contact, the Mystic Bomb of Fate causes a fire effect and damages players within these structures. Arcane Gauntlets are slightly less effective, but have no cooling, which means that users can send fireballs at their opponents. Gauntlets also give players a chance to fly momentarily. FNCS participants can choose to load only the Mystic Pump, depending on their load.

Without a doubt, Silver Surfer's Board is the best skill in Competitive Fortnite. It launches players into the air, disrupts buildings and allows for the redistribution of a glider. You still have the option to cancel the glider redistribution without suffering crash damage. Expect to see lots of silver surfer boards at play during the Fortnite Champion Series.

For sure this first opening weekend of FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 we will see many of these factors listed. The competition starts this weekend with FNCS Warmup for PC and console players. Tune in to all streaming platforms to see if your favorite player is broadcasting the tournament!

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