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Fortnite: Epic Games releases competitive calendar for 2021

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Epic Games has released a roadmap of what fans and players can expect until 2021 in the competitive Fortnite scene. There were a lot of problems in the process, but the Fortnite developers finally listened to feedback from the competitive community. Fortnite now has a clear roadmap for its future, both for the community and the players.

Fortnite World Cup was held at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. (Image: JOHANNES EISELE)

Lots of communication

Since the end of the Fortnite World Cup in July 2019, fans and players have been pushed aside by Epic Games. The company is heavily criticized throughout this period for its choices. And one of those things is the lack of communication with the community. From now on, the community will be able to sigh with a tone of relief. The developer behind the Fortnite competitor has a good plan for the near future.

No World Cup in 2020

The announcement was made on the Fortnite profile on social media. The account stated that it does not know when events on a global scale and in person will be possible again, but intends to produce the World Cup again in 2021.

Epic Games will not host a World Cup in 2020. In terms of spectacle, we will not have this big Fortnite event. It is a regrettable decision, however, necessary. Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the entire world. The competitive Fortnite team expects to see “big global personal events” return in 2021.

Fortnite Champion Series

One of the Tweets from the @FNCompetitive account, related to Competitive Fortnite, states that the Fortnite Champion Series will continue with each season that passes in Battle Royale. weekend. This announcement adds comfort and security for players attending the Fortnite competition. The Tweet also says that Epic will continue to “repeat formats to improve player experiences”.

Cash Cups

Another Tweet from the same account mentioned above, refers to the continuation of the Cash Cups. For those who don't know, Cash Cups are weekly tournaments available to all regions and offer thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Epic Games recently revised these Cash Cups to include a two-round format for the competitive community. Epic Games has now ensured that Cash Cups will remain a staple of competitive Fortnite for the foreseeable future.

Third party events

Epic Games did not have much to figure out what will happen with third party events. However, it seems that they are applying the competition only online, with the same conditions that happened before. Fortnite's competitive team will also be working with companies running these events in the future.

The return of transmissions

Speaking of audience, this news may be the most exciting. Official Fortnite broadcasts will return. And it will be this weekend, which will start the qualifiers opened by invitation of the Fortnite Champion Series. Season broadcasts have been missing since the conclusion of the Season X Championship. Many players and fans have been begging for Fortnite broadcasts to return. We can only hope that this means the return of Balla, MonsterDface, Sundown and maybe even casters like Dr. Lupo and CourageJD. It is exciting to see that Fortnite is returning with all its strength to the competitive. Epic Games is giving fans exactly what they want, and this is very good for the game and developer.

Return of the Form

Since the end of Season X, the competitive community has been getting what it hoped for. Communication has always been a positive point, but Epic Games has always missed its mark. In a direct series of Tweets, Fortnite Competitive has gained relevance and importance. Apparently, we can expect change in everything that involves Competitive Fortnite. The Fortnite Champion Series invitation is just the beginning. And luckily, we'll see more offline events when the world returns to normal. But with these new features, Fortnite players around the world, have good hopes of what's to come.


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