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Fortnite: DreamHack Open Online results

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That last weekend was the Fortnite DreamHack Open Online, with a total of $ 250,000 in prize money. Distributed in the three major competitive regions. Players from Europe and Eastern NA had a chance to play the Grand Finals. Each competition had two open heats. The 250 best players from each heat secured a place in the semi-finals. The 500 qualified players were looking for only 100 places for the final. Some notable names participated in the European and Eastern NA semi-finals.


On Friday, tens of thousands of Fortnite players passed through the open qualifiers. To qualify, participants needed about 400 points in ten matches or three hours, whichever comes first. Even though the competition was fierce, many professional players had no difficulty in advancing.

After the heat of that qualifier, 500 players competed for the 100 places for the grand final. It was an intense day of action, as usual in competitive Fortnite. Relative professional and unknown players had the same goal in mind, to qualify. Let's take a look at which players from Europe and Eastern NA ranked.

Europe – Semifinals

The European DreamHack Online Open features Fortnite semi-final rankings. (Image: Epic Games)

Rezon won the Mongraal Cup a few days ago, and continued with an impressive display at DreamHack Open. The German had 33 eliminations and two Victory Royale in nine matches. Rezon advanced to the Grand Final being one of the favorite favorites, where he will seek his first victory in the main tournament and $ 16,000.

The Russian highlight and the winner of the MrSavage Cup l1nk came in second with 376 points. His performance produced two Royales victories and 29 eliminations in ten matches. He will join 98 other incredibly talented players. Some other notable players who will compete tomorrow include FNCS Invitation Champion TaySon, DreamHack Champion Anaheim MrSavage, DreamHack Merijn Winter Champion, NRG benjyfishy, Wolfiez, BL Anas, FaZe Mongraal and the crr.

East NA – Semifinals

The North American DreamHack Online Open, east, with Fortnite semi-final rankings. (Image: Epic Games)

Fryst achieved victory in the semifinals. He has grown in the last few months and has earned this spot. He won 17th place at the FNCS Invitational and, this time, wins the semi-finals of the DreamHack Open. Fryst won 390 points, ending all ten games with two Royales victories and 29 eliminations.

Liquid STRETCH was four points short of the first with 386. He won two games and collected 24 eliminations in ten games. The FaZe Dubs completed the top three with 383 points. Other recognizable names eligible for the Grand Finals include Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha, TSM Commandment and TSM ZexRow. The 100T MrSavage, NRG benjyfishy and FaZe Mongraal also qualified for the eastern NA finals.

Grand Finals

Several of the best players in the world have qualified for the Grand Final. now from the east of NA, the Fortnite Bugha World Cup champion, FaZe Dubs, Liquid STRETCH and TSM ZexRow were some of the recognizable names to reach the Grand Final. European players 100T MrSavage, FaZe Mongraal and NRG benjyfishy qualified for the European and Eastern NA finals.

Each Grand Final awarded players eight games to accumulate points for elimination and placement. After a full day of action and more than ten hours of play, DreamHack crowned its first two open champions online. Let's take a look at how the ratings have split up in Europe and Eastern NA.

Europe – Grand Finals

The top 20 players from the EU region, with teeq at number 1. (Image: Epic Games)

The Polish teeq took first place in the Grand Finals of the Fortnite DreamHack Open Online. Teeq placed 38th in the semi-finals before claiming victory in the Grand Final. He scored 373 points in eight games, adding up to 15 eliminations and a Victory Royale. Finishing with an average placement of 15.63, which guaranteed his victory in the tournament. He will take home $ 16,000 due to his performance in the Grand Finals after playing exceptionally throughout the day.

DreamHack champion Anaheim 100T MrSavage led the majority of the tournament, but settled for second overall. Despite not winning a single Victory Royale, MrSavage has compiled 24 massive eliminations and an average placement of 22.38 on the way to 368 points. He played consistently well, but fell short of the final game, where he was ninth.

Some notable names that finished in the top 20 include winter champion DreamHack Merijn, Kami, NRG benjyfishy, ​​E11 TaySon, BL Anas, Vanish Sebbym k1nzell and EP TruleX.

East NA – Grand Finals

The final classification of the Eastern Grand Final of NA, showing Liquid STRETCH in first place. (Image: Epic Games)

Liquid STRETCH in eight games won first place and $ 10,000. It all boiled down to the last game, where FaZe Dubs and STRETCH were alive at the end of the game, but STRETCH's third place guaranteed victory. STRETCH scored an impressive 446 points, with 19 eliminations and an average placement of 7.25.

STRETCH didn't even need Victory Royale, he had a good consistency during the tournament, with four of the top five. He took second place in the semifinals, but deservedly, got his first victory in the main tournament.

In a post-tournament interview, STRETCH proclaimed that he is the best player in the world. The player also revealed: “Fortnite is super inclusive. You can become professional at any time, as long as you have the right mindset. ”

FaZe Dubs was a stumbling block for STRETCH throughout the competition. These two young phenomena played in the eight matches. Dubs got 392 points with Victory Royale and 20 eliminations. Some others in the top 20 include NA East Fryst semi-final winner TSM ZexRow, Bucke, French player Snayzy and 100T Ceice.

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