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Fortnite: Complete Fortnite Championship Series Invitational Results

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That weekend the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational ended. Thus ending Chapter 2 Season 2 with a prize of US$ 2 million. What was not lacking were controversies, rivalries and a lot of money. The awards varied according to each region, from US$ 120 thousand to US$ 15 thousand. When the dust cleared from the competition's 12 games, seven Grand Champions remained high. Check below how the results were in each region.


Wave JannisZ won its first major Fortnite tournament. Twice finalist in the Fortnite Championship Series. Its consistency was fundamental, winning its first Victory Royale in 12 matches on the last day of the competition. Even giving the lead earlier to the COO aqua, he focused on the moment that mattered.

The table did not change much after the two days of play. World runner-up Duo Wolfiez finished 20 points behind JannisZ in second place. Aqua finished just behind in third place. Th0masHD, ATL LeTsHe and Wave Flikk rose significantly in the leaderboard during the final stretch of games. Favorite NRG benjyfishy won the first two weeks of the Fortnite Championship Series. He finished the Grand Final only in 57th place. JannisZ wins a grand prize of $ 120,000 and the extremely rare item in the Ax of Champions game.

Results of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational in Europe. (Image: Epic)

North America East

Furious made a comeback after the first day in which he finished 16th. Thus, he won the Grand Finals Invitational of NA East. With 29 eliminations and 12 intense matches he reached 217 points. Overcoming TSM Khanada, FaZe Bizzle and the leader of the first day, Cheater Neon. After finishing fourth and second in weeks one and two, Furious won.

Former Ghost Gaming player Assault also returned to second place in the Grand Finals. He finished in 18th place on the first day, but recovered very well on the decisive day. Behind him, VANISH jahq, along with TSM Khanada and World Cup finalist FaZe Megga. The top 25 featured who's who of the elite talents in eastern NA across the region.

Results of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational in NA East. (Image: Epic)

North America West

The Fortnite World Cup finalist, 100T Arkhram, won NA West. With almost 300 points in total, he was the player who scored the most in all regions. Were 30 eliminations and a Victory Royale he can add the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational to his resume. With an extra $ 40,000 in earnings.

Daddy Rift was right behind. He finished in second place and raised $ 17,000 from his performance. The NRG EpikWhale and 100T rehx finished 6th and 7th.

Results of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational in NA West. (Image: Epic)


x2Twins Jordan accumulated 108 points in the second day alone, totaling 212 to take the title in Ocenia. Even finishing the first day in third place, a solidity made him win. He maintained a consistent strategy that paid off in the long run. Jordan pocketed $ 15,000 for his performance and will remain in the Ax of Champions for another season.

The highlight at DreamHack Anaheim, RepulseGod competed with the nickname apu on a bicycle. He came in second with 204 points. BLS Muz moved up six places on the leaderboard and came in third.

Results of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational in Oceania. (Image: Epic)


Frosty in an impeccable performance won in Brazil and took the $ 40 thousand. After winning weeks one and two, Frosty established himself as the best solo player in his region's Grand Finals. In 12 matches, Frosty achieved an incredible 40 eliminations and completed two Victory Royales.

Fishy L2R2 moved up one position with 225 points in total and came in second. Some of the other noteworthy names in the Brazil region include SNG King and Mojak, FNCS finalists on several occasions, who ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.

Results of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational in Brazil. (Image: Epic)


An unfortunate situation happened in the Asiatic region. The winning claimant received a ban after charges of fraud arose. This discovery excluded him from the tournament, making Cr Qjappy the Grand Champion. After winning the second week at FNCS Invitational, qjappy secured his second win in several weeks. ASF Magu moved up four positions from day one to finish second.

Despite the cheating incident, qjappy achieved an impressive victory at the FNCS Invitational. He deservedly takes home $ 15,000 and the Ax of Champions.

Results of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational in Asia. (Image: Epic)

This concludes the coverage of the Fortnite Championship Series Invitational. Congratulations to the 7 winners for their great work over the four weeks. They are all holders of the Ax of Champions until the next event, which will be held in Chapter 2, Season 3.

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