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Fortnite: Chapter 3 Season 4 – Week 1 Quest Guide



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We hope you've caught up on everything chrome in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. If not, be sure to check out all of the new season's changes, as you never know when they might come in handy. However, if you need assistance with the weekly challenges, this Fortnite week 1 quest guide is here to help with just that. So let's dive in and see what challenges week 1 has in store for us!


Fortnite Week 1 Quest Guide

  • Drive different types of chromed vehicles (0/3)

To begin, you'll need Chrome Splash, which can be used to chrome-ify vehicles. You can get Chrome Splash by breaking chrome structures. Then, find three different, driveable vehicles, apply the chrome splash to them, and take them for a spin.


  • Hunt different kinds of wildlife (0/3)

You'll only need to kill three different types of wildlife for this one. Chicken, boar, wolf, frogs, crows, and sharks are all wildlife that can be found around the map and count towards this quest.


  • Dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a slide kick (0/1)

There are a ton of Runaway Boulders around Reality Tree. You'll need to break them with your pickaxe to get them top 25 hit points or below. Then you can slide into them, the kick will take action automatically, and it will be low enough for you to dislodge it.


  • Bust through a door at Cloudy Condos and No Sweat Insure (0/2)

No Sweat Insure is the new main tower in Tilted Towers and Cloudy Condos are the floating condos in the lower right of your screen. All you have to do is head to both locations and sprint at a door to bust through it.


  • Purchase an item from Panther, Mancake, or The Underwriter (0/1)

You can find the Underwriter at No Sweat Insure at Tilted Towers. Panther can be found at the gas station near Shimmering Shrine. And lastly, you can find Mancake in Rocky Reels. You just need to buy one item, from one of the three.


  • Hit opponents while sliding (0/10)

We recommend Team Rumble for this challenge, as you'll have far more chances to slide and shoot players. You also only have to hit an enemy ten times while doing it, which an SMG can make quick work for.


  • Damage players with the Lever Action Shotgun or the Suppressed Submachine Gun (0/350)

You can find both of these weapons as floor loot and both count towards the total damage. So we recommend grabbing both weapons, and dealing out as much damage with each as you can.


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