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Fortnite: Chapter 3 Season 3 – Week 8 Quest Guide

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Fortnite Week 8 Quest Guide

Thursday is the day that everyone has circled on their calendars because it means a new rotation of Fortnite quest! Which, we might add, have been increasingly more creative and enjoyable, and this week is no exception. That also means many of these quests are brand new, which is why we’ve included all of the steps to complete them in this Fortnite week 8 quest guide.


Fortnite Week 8 Quest Guide

  • Deal explosive damage while looking away (0/1)

This can be done with any type of explosives from grenades, flares, and fireworks, to the rocket launcher on the boat or even a tank. Just remember, cool guys, don’t look at explosions!


  • Make opponents dance with Boogie Bombs (0/3)

For this challenge, you just need to make three opponents dance with Boogie Bombs. This can also be done on AI and NPC enemies.


  • Throw a Fish into water (0/1)

Grab a fishing rod and begin fishing for this task. Once you catch a fish, instead of eating it, release it by throwing it back into the water. Simple catch and release.


  • Damage an opponent with a weapon obtained from fishing (0/1)

Grab a fishing rod and fish until you get any weapon or one you want to use. Then all you have to do is land one shot on an opponent with the weapon you got from fishing to complete the task.


  • Destroy 5 structures with a single shot of the Ripsaw Launcher (0/1)

To start off you’ll need a Ripsaw Launcher, which will be located at the far north end of the map north of Logjam Lotus, near Washout Wharf. There will be a red logging barn up the hill to the right that always spawns Ripsaw Launchers. Then line up behind five structures in the building, charge it up and let it rip!


  • Find the coolest player on the island (0/1)

This is an awesome quest because the coolest player on the island is you! Simply go into any house or building on the map with a bathroom, and look at yourself in the mirror.


  • Damage an opponent with a vehicle within 5 seconds of honking (0/1)

For this task we recommend you head to Condo Canyon since there are lots of car spawns and it’s typically got a good amount of people. Try landing in on a car, then while driving around, constantly spam the horn and look for opponents who are running that you can ram into. This can also be made easier by ramming into already downed players.


  • Gather Forageables (0/3)

For this task, all you need to do is gather three forageables, which can be any of these items: cabbage, mushrooms, corn, kumberries, or fireflies.


  • Deal damage from 30+ meters with an Assault Rifle (0/100)

Then as always our oh-so trusty deal damage task. This grab an assault rifle and go for those ranged shots!



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