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Fortnite: Chapter 3 Season 3 – Week 3 Quest Guide



Fortnite week 3 quest guide

So, what are our thoughts on Season 3 – after the first three weeks? So far, we’d say it’s been pretty enjoyable. This week is definitely going to be a highlight since it’s coming with so many fun challenges. And if you just saw the new Fortnite & Star Wars Teaser Trailer, you’re probably even more hyped to unlock the Darth Vader skin. You’ll be one step closer after this week, which is why we have our Fortnite, week 3 quest guide to help assist you!


Fortnite Week 3 Quest Guide


  • Dislodge or destroy Runaway Boulders with a melee weapon (3)

For the first challenge, we suggest you head over to the rocky area located West of the water at the Reality Tree in Reality Falls. There are three Boulder spawns here, so you can complete the challenge in one go.


  • Jump off a Diving Board (3)

For this challenge, all you need to do is jump on a diving board three times! We recommend Condo Canyon, which has several of them.


  • Get three seconds of air time in a land vehicle (1)

There are two ways to do this exciting challenge. First, build fairly high with ramps and shoot yourself off. We suggest overdoing it to ensure you get three seconds of air time. The other method is by parking over the Geysers at Reality Falls, which will shoot you into the sky.


  • Headbutt an opponent while riding a Boar (1)

For this one, you need to head to Shifty Shafts because it has the highest Boar spawn. Then just pick a Boar to ride, and sprint head-on into your attacker to get the headbutt. This method also works on downed players.


  • Reach max shields at a Temple (1)

For this one, we suggest you land at the top right temple, directly NE of The Daily Bugle. Your best hope will be to drop here and get as much shield, early on, as you can.


  • Impulse an enemy player with a Shockwave Grenade (1)

The hardest part of this challenge will be getting a Shockwave Grenade. We suggest camping an Airdrop, as it’s almost a guarantee you’ll get one.


  • Damage opponents within 30 seconds of getting out of the water (75)

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to drop in an area with a lot of water surrounding it, like Sleepy Sound. Then don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the water and quickly look for an enemy to deal 75 damage too!


  • Upgrade a pistol at an Upgrade Bench (1)

This one’s pretty straightforward, but use this map to help locate all the upgrade benches!


  • Hide in a Dumpster and a Flusher in a single match (2)

For this one, we suggest you head to Tilted Towers. There are Dumpsters and Flushers (Porta-potty) located all around.


Did this guide help? Have any other suggestions for this Fortnite week 3 quest guide? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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