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Fortnite: Chapter 3 Season 3 – Week 10 Quest Guide



Fortnite Week 10 Quest Guide

With the arrival of Week 10, we are nearing the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. This means it’s time to take advantage of the week 10 Battle Pass quests and earn the 15,000 XP for completing each quest. Which you can easily do if you follow this Fortnite Week 10 quest guide. Just be prepared to deal some damage this week, as a lot of week 10 quests are gun-based. Also, be sure to check out our other guides for guidance with past week’s quests!


Fortnite Week 10 Quest Guide

  • Damage 10 different objects with one spray of the Charge SMG (0/1)

Once you’ve obtained a Charge SMG, we recommend going into a house or any building with a lot of objects and items kicking around. Then charge up your SMG and perform a 360 while spraying and hitting various objects. A little unorthodox but it works.


  • Damage an opponent with a DMR without aiming down sight (0/100)

This task is fairly straightforward. You can use any rarity of DMR as well as deal damage to any opponent, even NPCs, to complete this quest. Just remember, no aiming down sight!


  • Damage opponents within 10 seconds of dashing with a Zero Point Fish (0/100)

The only way to get a Zero Point Fish is by using a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun at a fishing hole. Once you have it and consume it, you simply press the jump button twice to dash. But wait to consume it until you get close to an enemy. Then dash in their path and try and deliver 100 damage in the first 10 seconds.


  • Travel in a Baller while on water (0/500)

For this quest head up to Rave Cave to get a Baller. Then head to any lake or river and ride the baller, on the water, for 500 meters.


  • Eliminate a player with the first shot from the Prime Shotgun (0/1)

This task can be challenging so we recommend grabbing two Prime Shotguns if you can. The trick here is to get your opponent weak with an SMG or AR, then use the first shot of your Prime Shotgun for the finishing blow. Eliminating NPCs with the Prime Shotgun also works to complete this quest.


  • Drop the Hammer Assault Rifle (0/1)

It doesn’t get more straightforward than this. If you pick it up a Hammer Assualt Rifle, drop it. Then the task will be done and you can go ahead and pick it up again.


  • Bounce on a Crash Pad, a Bouncy Slurpshroom, and Off-road Tires in a single match (0/1)

The bouncy quest is back for week ten! You’ll need to be lucky and find a crash pad, or head to LaunchPad, which has them. Then proceed to the opposite side of the map in search of a Bouncy Slurpshrooms in Reality Falls, but don’t forget to stop at a gas station and bounce on some tires on your way there.


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