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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 arrives with Aquaman and flooded map

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Fortnite season 3 was released this morning (17) on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. And also in its mobile version to download on iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. The new Battle Royale season features a map almost completely filled with water. New mechanics like using sharks to get around, in addition to confirming the Aquaman skin, a character played by Jason Momoa in theaters. Epic Games did not say how long the current season will be available.

Water mechanics and altered areas on the map

The new aquatic mechanics involves flooding some areas of the map. This causes them to be submerged in water and cannot be partially accessed. In this case, as the Storm increases, the water goes down and the sites, which were submerged, reappear.

In addition, some important features have been added so that players can better deal with the water. The damping platforms to gain momentum, wind generators, including zip lines, and swirls in the water, which are in order to make the movement something more practical.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Map. (Image: Epic Games)

The least modified areas on the map were Cidade da Cordilheira, Lago da Preguiça, Alameda Arborizada, Parque Pleasant, Frenetic Farm and Salty Fountains. In addition, all the others received more impactful changes. In some cases, they were even removed, such as the location of the Grotto and the Agency, which is now called the Authority.

Inclusion of sharks

From now on, it is possible to find sharks scattered around the map and that, obviously, are in the water. The animal can attack players both in and out of the water, with a limited range of action. It has items inside it, which can be obtained if it is slaughtered.

Sharks can be used as vehicles for sea and land locomotion. (Image: Epic Games)

In addition, sharks can serve as vehicles for locomotion in water and, for a limited time, also on land. For this, it is necessary to use a fishing rod next to a shark so that it is hooked and controlled in the same way as a speedboat, for example.

New goons

At the start of every game in the game, there are small portals in the sky. They open up and are responsible for launching some types of capsules that explode on the floor. Basically, these capsules, so far, send players with artificial intelligence that have a completely different outfit than usual and make it difficult to survive on the map.

Players with artificial intelligence appear in random areas of the map. (Image: Epic Games)

New Weapons

From the point of view of the modifications to the weapons, they have been removed from the safe and are again available in the game. Hunting rifles in all their rarities, monkeys, P90, cure-cure, classic sniper, also known as Bolt, and stink grenades. On the other hand, the classic pump shotgun was placed in the safe.

P90 and Sniper Bolt are among the items that are available again in the game. (Image: Epic Games)

As for the weapon additions, a new series of charge shotguns was included. Available in all rarities and that gets more powerful according to the time the player is aiming. That is, the more shots you take during a short period of time, the less damage the respective type of weapon will do.

Although it has not been officially released by Epic Games, there are also other items that will soon arrive in the game. They are: grenade launchers, epic grappler, flare and a standard blast on the assault rifle of legendary rarity.

Weapons that have arrived or will arrive at Fortnite this season. (Image: Epic Games)

New skins

Among the main new skins available in the Battle Pass, which can be obtained according to the progression in its levels, are Aquaman (Arthur Cury), Oceano (Countercurrent and Cove Explorer), Ancestral (Voyager and With Mask), Jonesy Diver ( Tactical and Advanced), Jules (Solder and Shadow), Meow (Happy and Action), Siona (Supernova and Blue) and Eternal Knight (Black and Gold). Check out the two costumes of the character Aquaman and their respective styles. The complete list with all skins will be launched soon here on Gaming Net.

Aquaman Skin. (Image: Epic Games)

Arthur Curry style of Aquaman skin. (Image: Epic Games)

For the first time in the game's history, it will be possible to customize a Hang Glider skin. Customizing the way the player prefers, something that will be unique and personal. With the name of Manda-Chuva, just level up and complete challenges to choose all the details of the item.

Rainbows will be fully customizable and original. (Image: Epic Games)

Cars, vans and trucks

Finally, among the details released by Epic Games, at some point this season players will be able to use cars, vans and trucks to get around on the map. However, the publisher has not released a deadline for when these new features will be added to the game.

Cars, vans and trucks will arrive this season. (Image: Epic Games)

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