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Fortnite Champion Series: Grand Final Results

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That Sunday night, the 16th, the Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 3 came to an end. After many hours of emotions and fierce matches. All seven Fortnite competitive regions have crowned their respective Fortnite Champion Series solo champions. The Grand Final featured the top 100 solo players from yesterday's qualifiers. The top 100 ranked players competed to determine the winner. Check below how the end of each region was.


The top 10 Fortnite Champion Series players from the Europe region. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

In one of the most exciting contests in this Grand Final, E11 TaySon won in Europe. After winning the second heat on Saturday, TaySon of E11 Gaming was a favorite for the Grand Final. He added 22 eliminations and a Victory Royale, adding 60 points. Despite falling a little at the beginning of the final match, everything went well for the Slovenian. TaySon won $80K USD and the Ax of Champions, no doubt engraving his name on Fortnite's history books.

Behind him in second position, GO Decyptos with 49 points and 11 eliminations. He didn't win any of the six games, but the elimination points and the good results gave him second place. This result marks the Frenchman's second consecutive performance after winning the Aqua and Nyhrox Cup less than a week ago. TDR AyarBaffo closed with third place with 47 points, with 13 eliminations and a Victory Royale.

Rezon ay was a favorite and was only in seventh place. MCES XSweeze in 11th and FaZe Mongraal in 35th. The best 100T players MrSavage and NRG benjyfishy have fought over the last six matches and finished 57th and 59th, respectively.

NA East

The top 10 Fortnite Champion Series players from the NA East region. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

Optimal Ambition Coop secured the top with 59 points and 19 eliminations. He was a finalist for the FNCS three times, so he relied on his experience to secure the title. However, with a controller in hand, he has compiled the highest number of eliminations of any other finalist in the last six matches. Coop's performance earned him $50K and the champions' ax.

Klass ex 100Thieves also had a great showing in the Grand Finals. With 53 points and a Victory Royale and 11 eliminations, he secured second place. He won the third game with six eliminations, which effectively put him at the top of the standings. Klass will be on the radar of major Fortnite organizations after raising $35K in these FNCS finals. Xccept finished third with 48 points. World Cup Fortnite Solo champion Bugha also impressed with 46 points. He won $25K USD.

NA West

The top 10 Fortnite Champion Series players from the NA West region. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

XTRA verT surprised the favorites 100T Arkhram and wavy EP in the Grand Finals of NA West. Many of Fortnite's elites will recognize verT for its consistent solo game, dating back to DreamHack Anaheim. The North American verT scored 67 points with 19 eliminations and a Victory Royale. He was ahead of the FNCS Invitational Arkhram winner by just two points. VerT's shares rose significantly, as did its bank account with another $ 20K in earnings. He will also have the Ax of Champions until Fortnite crowns his next champion.

Apparently 100T Arkhram was about to win the second consecutive Fortnite Champion Series. He won 65 points in six games with a Victory Royale and 18 eliminations, taking second place. The 100 Thieves competitor continues to climb NA West, regardless of format. He will add $ 13K USD to his career earnings, but will have to hand over the Ax of Champions to VerT.

Several of NA West's best dogs also came to play. 100T Falconer, corrugated EP, Frapai, maken, NRG EpikWhale, 4DRStorm and Icy finished in the top 50.


The top 10 Fortnite Champion Series players from the Oceania region. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

In Oceania, RNG Jynx won the second FNCS championship. In the Grand Final, he scored 75 points with 24 eliminations, but without Victory Royale. Playing consistently across the six games, he stayed on top and stayed there. He took home the $ 10K grand prize and the Ax of Champions.

Companion OCE, worthy of PWR, fell a little short of first place with 69 points in total. He produced 13 kills and a Victory Royale. Worthy also played consistently, without finishing below 12th place. Unfortunately, he will continue to seek his first triumph at FNCS. Some other notables within the top-50 include Fresh, BLS Muz. Link. PWR spoiler, Squeakz, jahlyn and Eshz.


The top 10 Fortnite Champion Series players from the Brazil region. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

King iwnl and SNG KING fought side by side in search of the title. The highlight of the Fortnite World Cup, King iwnl, won 55 points and two Victory Royale. Despite not having scored any points in the final match, the young Argentine competitor played his best Fortnite. So, he takes home $ 20K USD as a result of his efforts.

SNG KING was right behind the Argentine, but still with a good performance. He matched King iwnl with two Victory Royales and achieved 12 eliminations in the Grand Finals. SNG KING won just two points of victory and only three eliminations were left to consider the winner. Several important players, including technoviking, leleo, Nicks and Thome, all found themselves in the top 50.


The top 10 Fortnite Champion Series players from the Asia region. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

A curious fact in Asia, Fram No.1 tied three other players with 47 points, but the tie was in his favor. The 11 eliminations he had were the tiebreaker, since he did not win a Victory Royale. A miserable elimination separated him from runner-up Harukiyo 88. Finalist in the Fortnite World Cup, Peterpan came in third after the tiebreaker, also with 47 points. Fram No.1 pocketed $ 10K USD for his efforts in the Asian Grand Finals.

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