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Fortnite: 5 Best Seasons So Far, Ranked



best fortnite seasons ranked

Fortnite is living proof that battle royales and shooters can be colorful and goofy. Since the game’s release in 2017, it has come a long way and evolved impressively. Epic Games attempt to get creative and add something unique to every season. Collabs with Marvel, DC Comics, and other popular movies and pop icons, Fortnite keeps getting better.

Since its release, Fortnite has had about two dozen seasons. Each season brought along exciting collabs, powerful weapons, unique mechanics, and cool skins and items. Not all the seasons were well-received, though. Players criticized some seasons for having OP weapons, not-so-exciting battle passes, imbalanced meta, and okayish gameplay.

As Chapter 3 Season 1 is in full swing, let’s take a look at the best 5 Fortnite seasons till now.

Top 5 Fortnite Seasons Till Now, Ranked

And here’s the ranking based on players’ opinions, the content, and overall gameplay.

1. Chapter 1: Season 2

best fortnite seasons

Most of the players would agree that Season 2 of Chapter 1 really took Fortnite up a level. This season introduced the Battle Pass that has been sticking around till the current season. However, the pass had 70 tiers, which were increased to 100 in the later seasons. The final, tier 70th reward was the Black Knight skin.

The second season was frequently updated and new items like the Snowball Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Boogie Bomb, Cozy Campfire, Chug Jug, Impulse Grenade, among others were added.

Before season 2, the map felt rather empty. But the update rolled out Haunted Hills, Junk Junction, Tilted Towers, and many more landmarks on the map. The Medieval themed season kept players hooked with frequent updates that added more depth to the game.


2. Chapter 1: Season 3 – Space Exploration

seasons ranked

With the ‘Space Exploration’ theme, Season 3 hooked the players for real. This is the point after which players started taking the game seriously. Interestingly, the Fortnite storyline began with Season 3 after the mysterious blue comet appeared.

The third season came out in February 2018. It didn’t change or add anything new to the map except for Lucky Landing. Throughout the season, new updates brought in a load of weapons like the Hand Cannon, Cupid’s Crossbow, Egg Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and much more. A limited-time mode for 20 players was also added. The supply Llama and Vending Machine also made their way to Fortnite in this season.

Season 3 was a refined version of season 2. The battle pass for the space exploration season had 100 tiers and was much more fun. The 100th tier reward was the iconic John Wick skin. Most players said that the space exploration season was the best season of Fortnite so far.


3. Chapter 2: Season 4 – Nexus War

chapter 2 season 4

The Avengers crossover was a superhit with the players. So, once again, the season was loaded with Marvel superhero and villain skins. Players could unlock Thor, Groot, She-Hulk, Mystique, Dr. Doom, Iron Man, and Wolverine. Each character’s skin came with unique powers.

The season’s anti-hero, Galactus, tries to consume the Zero Point of the island. Towards the end of the season, the superheroes prevent Galactus from conquering Zero Point and attacking him with Battle Buses. The storyline continues to the next season.

They randomly divided players into the Chitauri Army or the Avengers and they had to hunt for the gauntlet or Infinity Stones. Fortunately, the fresh additions were not overpowered and were fun to play with. Just like the previous Marvel collab, this one also received mostly positive reactions.


4. Chapter 1: Season 4 – Brace for Impact

chapter 1 season 4

There might be debates about this ranking. But the previous two seasons had set the bar for season 4 really high. And ‘Brace for Impact’ did not disappoint. Towards the end of season 3, players had observed meteors shooting across the sky. We felt their significance in season 4 start when they destroyed a major landmark.

The highlight of the season was the Infinity Gauntlet, which enabled players to play as Thanos. These gauntlets would appear on the map randomly. Taking it would turn players into Thanos and you could have extra powers.

Weapons like Epic and Legendary Assault Rifles, Drum Gun, Stink Bomb, and Dual Pistols were added. Meanwhile, items like Mushrooms, Shopping Carts, Bouncers, and Jetpacks made the season more diverse and fun. The Battle Pass had really cool skins like Battlehawk, Omega, Teknique, Carbide, and Zoey up for grabs.

Overall, the season captured and hold down the players while it lasted. The “Rocket Event” towards the end was the first in-game event organized by the game.


5. Chapter 2: Season 7 – Invasion

invasion season fortnite

Ranking the ‘Invasion’ chapter as one of the best Fortnite seasons might not go down well with everyone. But we will all agree that aliens and UFOs added a fun new twist to the gameplay. Many players have said that the season was well-balanced without too many updates or new things.

The aliens abducted players and sent them off to other regions of the map. The entire season was a battle between the ‘Last Reality’ headed by Dr. Slone and ‘Imagined Order’. Players could shoot and hijack the UFOs and fly over the map.

Cool weapons like the Rail Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Kymera Ray Gun were available. The flying saucers dropped nuts and bolts that could ramp up your guns. Players could dress up as aliens with the customizable Kymera outfit. The battle pass featured Superman, Rick (from Rick and Morty), and Guggimon skin.


Many people also liked Chapter 2 Season 2 – Top Secret. The spy theme was really cool. However, many of us will agree that the popularity of the season was also because of Travis Scott’s performance. Other than that, the Deadpool skin as a ‘surprise’ on the battle pass was indeed a great surprise.


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