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Fortnite: are long seasons a problem for Fortnite?

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Without a doubt, Battle Royale Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the past decade. The Epic Games title has generated more than US$ 1 billion since its launch in 2017. This success was related to the mechanics of its game, unlike any other. The famous Battle Royale genre has been around for some time. However, Fortnite added a build feature that revolutionized Battle Royales forever.

In the first seasons of the game Epic Games received a lot of praise. The seasons passed and new weapons, items, vehicles and skins always appeared. Thus, Fortnite was becoming a much more valuable game than any other on the market. After a series of successful seasons, Fortnite Season X was not so good. Some changes and items were poorly thought out, thus taking a step back.

Thus, Season 11 and Season 12, dubbed Chapter 2, Season 1 and Chapter 2, Season 2, saw a much more conservative approach from developers. The long seasons have also become an issue for Fortnite fans. But that could be a misguided response to Epic Games' poor choices.

Chapter 2 Season 1 – Longest Season Yet

After the Fortnite Blackout event ended, anxiety filled the players. Nobody knew what to expect. On October 15, 2019, players were welcomed with new mechanics. Swimming and fishing was possible within the game, it was an emotional moment within Fortnite. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 did just that for the game and its followers.

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2

No problem, the season progressed with the players getting used to the new scenario. Days later, players completed the Battle Pass and were already waiting for something more. Despite the addition of a harpoon pistol, Epic Games contained significant changes to the game itself. There were no weapons, items and vehicles in or out of the safe. While it was good to try a consistent product, Fortnite always prided itself on weird changes.

Chapter 2 The first season lasted four months and five days, ending on February 1, 20. Players were tired of the map and were aware of what was to come.

Chapter 2 Season 2 – Another Extended Season

On February 20, 2020, Chapter 2 of the second season was released, and generated split responses. The secret agent theme was certainly a different experience. The second season brought five new points of interest (POIs) to the map. With unplayable bosses, they used powerful weapons. It is a good change from the previous season. Players soon began to identify problems with the map, and it was more the same.

Epic Games failed to add, remove or alter much of anything during the new season, apart from the explosion of The Rig and the repetition of The Shark. These two changes were mainly cosmetic and do not necessarily offer anything new to Fortnite players.

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The helicopter and locking pads were significant additions to the game. One of the biggest problems with chapter 2 of the second season was another long stay. The season was supposed to end initially on April 2, 30, but that wouldn't be the case for long.

More unfortunate season delays

We already know how chapter 2 of the first season took four long months to finish. The same would occur in chapter 1 of the second season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Epic Games was unable to meet its planned April 2. The developers pushed Season 19 back to June 30th, which was at least palatable. Thus, season 3 was delayed until June 17. The second season will run for three months and 2 days, when the third season will be released in six days.

Why are seasons so much longer?

The last two seasons of Fortnite have lasted longer than any previous season. Why are the seasons getting bigger and bigger? Only Epic Games could answer that question. However, Season X is touted as the epicenter of all the changes surrounding Fortnite. The update notes are being uninformative. The game remains the same from week to week.

The real problem

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 had an impact on Epic Games' plans for the future of Fortnite. Not only for the game itself, but mainly for the competitive scenario. As we mentioned above, Chapter 2 of Season 3 was due to be released on April 30th. It is difficult to say what Epic Games' intentions are at the moment. On the competitive side, there were plans for another Fortnite World Cup, the COVID-19 regulations would not allow that to happen.

The real problem for Fortnite is the lack of new content to play with weekly. Players cite items like Infinity Blade and Planes as weak additions to Fortnite. However, we have not seen any of these items return since their respective seasons. Epic Games could add new vehicles, weapons and items, especially after the reaction of Season X.

Fortunately, Epic Games will return to what has already made Fortnite the most popular game in the world. Fun, fast-paced seasons that flowed seamlessly from one to the other. Long bursts aren't the problem, but Fortnite needs new content continually. If not, players will experience wear and tear from any new material. Chapter 2 The third season is a chance to get back on track.

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