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Fortnite: 5 Best Creative Map Codes of 2022

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Fortnite almost never gets dull, and if it ever does, then you can always switch into a new server in Creative Mode. 

If you want to explore other settings besides the regular Battle Royale game, you can type in a creative map code and start playing a new game with its own gameplay and aesthetics to boot. You can also warm-up or master your fighting skills in the variety of training creative map codes available to you. 

These, and many more functionalities, allow players to showcase their creative sides in limitless ways. While there are tons of creative map codes to explore, this article will list the five best creative map codes of 2022. So, let’s dive right in.


5. Toy Story Prop Hunt (Code: 5530-6235-0681)

TOP 5 BEST PROP HUNT TOY STORY Creative Maps In Fortnite | Fortnite Toy Story Map CODES (NEW CODES)

If you’re a fan of the movie, Toy Story, or simply enjoy a good prop hunting game, then Toy Story Prop Hunt is the way to go. Here, players choose to hunt or hide. To win a game, hunters must hunt to kill all the props disguised as objects within the game, while props win the game if the time runs out or if all the hunters die. 

Similar to the movie, players must disguise themselves in Andy’s bedroom as they fight to win against the opposing players. So it’s time to get creative and stay alive. You will enjoy the graphic detailing in the game. It sure is impressive as you instantly get a raw feeling of a toys’ environment in a world customized to look like a delightful replica of Toy Story.


4. Prison Breakout (Code: 6531-4403-0726)

Dungeon Prison Escape | Fortnite Battle Royale: Creative | Guide

Time to find out if your prison breakout skills are as good as you think. Inspired from the television show, Prison Break, Prison Breakout’s custom themed map lets players come up with innovative ways to pull off an escape from prison.  You’re free to choose between playing as a prisoner, or as a guard. Your mission is straightforward; to escape from prison, or if you choose the latter role, prevent the prisoners from escaping.  

Prison Breakout adds some flair to the game where you’re free to furnish your place, compete in arena Player vs Player battles, all while working to complete the game’s mission. It’s a good way to try something new, and with the effort put into creating this mode, you’re sure to enjoy a fun and interactive game session with other players. 


3. Ultimate Edit & Aim Course (Code: 9368-1814-9691)

How To *ACTUALLY* Warm Up In Fortnite! - Console & PC Routines!

The beauty of creative codes is the great variety of ideas and games you can incorporate. For the Ultimate Edit & Aim Course, you have the freedom to train and master your skills with each level, until you’re confident in your fighting skills. This creative mode map offers up to 45 training rounds, each progressing from basic, to edit, then to the aim training levels. You do not always have to come here for training. Instead, you can choose to use these levels for warming up before you jump into a Battle Royale game.  

As the name suggests, this mode will mostly help you perfect your aiming skills. Also, there is no competition. It’s just you and the end goal that will prepare you for the ultimate battle. There are other skills you can choose to master like sliding, piece control, and speed, but for its ease and efficiency in mastering your aim, Ultimate Edit & Aim Course is well worth the try. 

For the most optimum outcome, you can take approximately ten minutes to train and test your skills in a focused mindset. The course run throughs are simple. Also, you are free to edit and customize your own warm-up or practice set that works best for you. Then, you can quickly and regularly perfect your aim as you prepare for Fortnite matches or other competitions in other creative mode maps.


2. The North Pole: Deathrun (Code: 7773-6191-5527)

How to Complete Aloft - The North Pole - Fortnite Creative Guide

As far as I know, there is no unspoken rule to only play Christmas themed games only during the Christmas holiday season. Or is there? Nevertheless, The North Pole: Deathrun is a whole load of fun to play, and a creative map code to try playing in 2022. 

The difficulty of the game is intense. You will need to complete 20 ‘deathrun’ quests. Without doing so, presents will not be delivered in time for boxing day.  With each quest, the difficulty increases, so get ready for a pleasing challenging gaming experience. 

It’s not all sweat and no play though as the graphics of the game are to die for. Here, you will get pulled back into the Christmas spirit, which is a major point of the game, and jump over some snowballs and Christmas lights on your way to making your deliveries.


1. The Visit – Biohazard (Code: 6496-9997-4696)

The visit - Biohazard Full walkthrough | Fortnite creative

This listing is not complete without including one of the best horror themed creative mode maps out there. In reference to Resident Evil 7, The Visit – Biohazard does a spectacular job of adopting the introductory chapters to Resident Evil 7

Most commendable is the authentic adaptation of the film. Using the night mode that adds a subtle touch to the grim nature of the film, players have to search for Serum to save a friend who is in a deserted plantation of a mysterious family. 

Get ready for some grim, spooky adventure with quality gameplay and graphic detailing in this fan-favorite creative mode map. Especially if your goal is to escape from Fortnite’s main game and dive into a different environment, you’ll find this mode worthwhile.


And there you go! These are the top five creative map codes of 2022 for you to consider trying out. 

Let us know in the comments below or our socials here whether you agree with our listing. Also, feel free to share with us any other creative map codes you’ve enjoyed playing in 2022. 


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