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Forget Heroics — Be Evil: 5 Games That Let You Be the Villain



As the iconic saying goes: either you die the hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And while that’s great and everything, it doesn’t quite mention anything about aspiring to be evil from birth. To heck with outliving heroics and slumping into corruption — how about sinking into sin straight off the bat? Now there’s a thought.

Of course, while most video games are bound to shovel goodwill and happy vibes into your eye sockets, there are the odd few that divert from greatness and opt for the darker route. And that’s exactly the breath of fresh air we need every now and then. We want world domination — and we want it by the truckload. We want to assume the role of the villain and we want to conquer, obliterate and ascend the ranks of evil as we see fit. That’s not a great deal to ask, is it? Either way, these five video games are about as close to corruption as we’ll get any time soon.


5. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight | Launch Trailer

Seeing as we have to start somewhere — it only makes sense that we would unravel the most obvious title in the villainous world. Dead by Daylight, although taking a bit of a backseat from the online community these past few months, is perhaps the perfect starting point for a list of this design. Thanks to its video game and horror flick collective, this multiplayer hit strikes hard and lays the foundations for something truly remarkable.

Whether you’re sinking into Jason Vorhees’ clumpy shoes or sharpening your oversized kitchen knife as the feared Pyramid Head — Dead by Daylight gives you the power to wreak havoc and endorse nightmares as some of the most fearsome foes in movie and video game history. But if that’s not your thing, and you’re swaying more towards being the unfortunate victim — then that’s also an option. Just don’t expect it to be a fair fight when battling through to the twilight hours.


4. Fable 3

Fable III: Launch Trailer

Okay, so it may not be the most terrifying entry in the world — but it is a genuinely entertaining game that fuses some villainous activity into its story. As with the previous two Fable entries, Fable 3 sets out two options as you course through the campaign: one being the hero, and the other, of course — being the villain. However, it’s the third chapter that pulled us in all those years ago, what with the throne being the centrepiece to the good and evil factions.

As the aspiring King or Queen of Albion, it is up to you to overthrow your evil brother from the apex and establish your own network, whether it be to escalate the kingdom or watch it crumble between your fingers. Between decisions, you’ll have to connect with other cliques and work to build your following, and then make or break promises as you see fit. So, while it may not be the most gore-soaked title in the world — it certainly is a scandalous little number.


3. inFamous: Second Son

inFAMOUS Second Son - E3 Trailer (PS4) | E3 2013

inFamous definitely fused some compelling characteristics into its base story, and the good and evil arcs were an incredible way to establish a deeper connection with the player. Second Son, although branching from the same roots as its predecessors, was probably Sucker Punch’s best entry to date. The bustling concrete jungle burst with opportunity, the character development flourished with every minor decision, and the overall concept was a truly spectacular work of art to behold.

As the old saying goes: never judge a book by its cover. And while Delsin may strike you as an anarchist rogue without a conscience to guide him — it just so happens that he does possess the powers to be the angelic hero every citizen craves. Of course, that decision idles with the player. But it’s always nice to have the choice, right? Prove haters wrong by becoming the standout hero everyone needs — or succumb to the corruption that weaves through your very heartstrings? Decisions, decisions.


2. Overlord II

Overlord 2 - Funny Cinematic and Gameplay Trailer | HD

If you’ve ever pictured yourself as the evil governor of an army of mischievous minions, then might we draw you to Overlord II? Although it’s dating back to 2009, it’s still perhaps one of the greatest entries to ever grace the world of evil. It’s hilarious in its own unique way, and the overall premise is far more deranged than most hack and slash games we’ve played in recent years. Sure, its Fable-like world and enchanting Roman-esque lore is charming — but gameplay-wise — it’s a little more sadistic.

Filling the boots of the silent lord, you’re faced with derailing the whole of humanity as you truck towards global domination. With the Roman-inspired army looking to one-up your every strategy as you sway from landmark to landmark, you must work around the clock and outsmart the peace-bringers one wave at a time. Luckily for you, of course, a whole flock of minions dance to your every command, and, when it comes to defacing humankind — they don’t exactly do things by halves.


1. The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Official Launch Trailer

Not quite what you were expecting? Well, it might just surprise you as to how evil one can be in a game like The Sims. Of course, EA designed the life simulation series to allow its players to live out their wildest fantasies. Only, by shovelling in options to essentially bridge the gap to pure evil, we’ve been able to mould some of the most twisted characters in the history of gaming. And let’s face it — we’ve all spent a little time making our evil clones at some point or another.

Besides following the career ladder to becoming a criminal mastermind, The Sims also lets you manipulate those around you as you see fit. Take a dip in the pool — and then remove the ladder. Invite a guest over for pizza — and then remove the front door. Fill a room with ovens — and then shut out the lights. Anything like that (which I’m pretty certain half of the gaming population must’ve tried at least once), and you’re on your way to becoming just another sinister soul with far too much creativity to back your ambition.


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