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Fnatic beat G2 2-1 on Mirage ESL Pro League Season 15



fnatic beat g2 esl pro league s15

ESL Pro League Season 15's Group A battles have been in full swing. So far, Ninjas in Pyjamas remain unbeaten after defeating MOUZ earlier. Meanwhile, Fnatic had pocketed one victory but needed another one to level up their game. On the other side, G2 also

After action-packed skirmishes on Inferno and Dust II, the match went into overtime on Mirage. The star of the match was Valentin “poizon” Vasilev, who took the most kills and ended with the highest K/D.

G2 owned Inferno with 16-14

G2 Esports players ventured confidently into the first map right from the get-go. They won the pistol round and went on to win four more in a row. NiKo, huNter, and m0nesy were on fire and took the most kills. It was in round 6 that Fnatic won their first round and broke through.

However, G2 had closed their CT side with 10-5 and things didn't look too good for Fnatic. In the second half of Mirage, poizon the AWPer kept the game intense with his triple kills. The situation was tense for the last round as the score stood at 15-14. But G2's JackZ planted the bomb, defended it by taking two quick headshots, and secured victory for his team.

Fnatic absolutely dominated Dust II & Mirage

Right from the start, Fnatic dominated the map picked by G2. Notably, poizon took down three kills in the pistol round and the team grabbed the lead. The multi-kill spree by poizon and ALEX went on for the rest of the half and put the team on a significant lead. And with some aggressive pushing from Fnatic, they closed Dust II with a 2-16 score.

On Mirage, once again, Fnatic took over almost immediately. In the third round, mezii took a fantastic ace and secured victory within a few seconds. After round 8, the scores looked 0-8 and recovery seemed very difficult for G2 at this point. They did manage to win a few rounds, but Fnatic had double digits on their side already. Peppzor took the last kill and closed Mirage at 7-16.

Of course, poizon ended up with the highest K/D of +29 and the most kills, that is 79. ALEX followed close behind with 58 kills and +15 K/D. You can catch ESL Pro League Season 15 live on their official Twitch.

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