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Five New Games on Steam: Early April



With hundreds of new games coming on Steam weekly, it’s very hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we have gone through them and hand-picked only the best for you to play. Enjoy.


For starters, how about a flashy roguelike shooter? HyperParasite puts you in the role of a body-snatching alien that isn’t all too pleased with us humans. Throughout randomly generated levels, you will be able to control up to 60 characters, one of them being the president! Can you climb to the top of the hierarchy and annihilate the human race?

HyperParasite gameplay

HyperParasite mixes intense action with 80’s aesthetics (YouTube)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

TABS is an offbeat physics simulator that will take you through humankind’s history in a series of wacky battles that look totally real. In it, you will essentially be playing both sides, placing your soldiers in strategic locations before letting go of control and watching the madness slowly unfold. But, why stop on humans? In TABS, you will also find other beings, like mammoths, snakes, and various gods. As you can see here, it gets pretty crazy. Add to this cartoonish graphics and ton of humor, and you get a great offbeat simulator.

New Games on Steam: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Hyperrealism is the name of the game (Epic Games)

Snake Core

Snake Core starts with a simple, yet effective, premise: “What if we put Snake in space?” Instead of a straightforward arcade, you might expect, turns out you get a surprisingly engaging spin-off set to inter-galactic proportions. The gameplay ain’t so simple either. Instead of a real snake, you are commanding a team of soldiers spread in 9 units. Grab various power-ups in order to improve their skills, and wipe out every alien around.

Snake Core gameplay

A Snake spin-off done right(DroidGamers)

Gordian Quest

If you are a fan of Slay the Spire, Gordian Quest is a game for you. This is also a roguelike that focuses on deckbuilding. So far, there are 6 playable classes and one act, with 3 more to come during the early access. Gordian Quest also features a cool medieval aesthetics, which is easily appreciated. Time will tell, but this might become THE roguelike to play in 2020.

New Games on Steam: Gordian Quest

A potential successor of Slay the Spire(GamerInfo)

Rolling Sky 2

If you’ve always wanted to play the drums, but never got the chance, you might give Rolling Sky 2 a chance. This is a rhythm game that will challenge your finger coordination on various anime-inspired stages. The game features a relaxing original soundtrack, making this an ideal casual chill game.

Rolling Sky 2 gameplay(Nintendo)

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Quick, better check our Quarantine Edition of New Games on Steam.

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