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FIFA 21: Gameplay Details and Career Mode



FIFA 21 arrived today for the general public. In the first few minutes in the hands of an avid fan of the franchise, several changes will be noticed, whether good or bad. Available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch from today, October 9, the game will receive an improved version in the future for the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Whoever bought the game in the current generation has already guaranteed a free upgrade on the Xbox Series X/S or PS5.

Gameplay Focus

Almost every FIFA at launch starts the same. “Best FIFA of all time, I just hope the updates don’t go wrong.” But, unfortunately, what everyone feared happened. The constant updates in the gameplay mechanics were making the game more automatic and less fun as it was in the beginning.

FIFA 21 starts the same way. Praised by pro players, streamers and casual players, EA’s game arrives with necessary improvements over the previous title. Before even talking about the additions to the gameplay, we need to talk about the repairs made by the developer.

The game today has a more manual defense, easy to penetrate if the player does not have full control of the defensive system. The attack today has many more options, including the triumphant return of the forgotten crosses. These points were also highlighted by Allan “Intern”. The Brazilian streamer who was recently invited to participate in the EA Game Changers program to give feedback on the game directly to the developer.

Chelsea e City se enfrentam no FIFA 21 - Reprodução

Much criticized in FIFA 20, the attack received some interesting new features. Now players will be able to pierce the defensive block in different ways. Creative Races were presented, which allow the player to make the famous “one-two” with the machine. Despite the positives mentioned earlier, FIFA 21 still carries some errors from previous versions. The bad referee, who does not know how to distinguish the seriousness of the foul or penalty kick for any touch in the area. A mistake unique to this version is the ease of scoring a goal. Correction is required as soon as possible so that it is not abused when launching the first Weekeend League in the game.

Ultimate Team News

The Ultimate Team is the most popular mode and the basis of Eletronic Arts’ financial success. It continues as the flagship of the FIFA series. In edition 21, UT comes with a visual overhaul of the menus. Focus on interaction between friends after adding coop features and customizing the stadium.

FIFA 21: Event Objectives FUT 21 – Official Details | -  UK

FIFA menus have never been the subject of much criticism, but EA Sports decided to change the entire structure of the Ultimate Team mode. Those menus that have remained almost the same since FIFA 13. Now there is a bar that gathers the objectives of the season, the starting modes, the transfer market and the store. By holding the left analog stick up, the player can customize the stadium created by the developer. While holding the same button down it is possible to straighten and assemble the cast. The absence felt is through the “My Club” page that gathered all items between players, consumables, among other cards.

The experience and immersion of the player when entering an Ultimate Team match was also renewed in FIFA 21. Through the new customization of the stadiums it is possible to change almost everything. From the color of the seats to the flags around the stands. It is still possible to add 3D mosaics, crowd chants, club anthem and pyrotechnics in the goal. These customizations, however, cannot be made at any stadium, only at a specific one created by EA.

Another change made by EA to Ultimate Team was in the Division Rivals awards. This mode separates players into 10 divisions according to their ability. And in FUT Champions, FIFA’s competitive mode.

The revitalized Career Mode

The casual FIFA community has always called for changes in career mode. It received important additions that promise to give a new life to one of the best known modes of virtual football. One of the main new features is interactive simulation.

Right in the style of Brasfoot or Football Manager. The coach watches the club’s departure as if it were button football. In addition, you can enter the game in a few clicks to hit a foul, penalty and return to the previous screen very quickly.

FIFA 21 Career Mode New Features - FIFA Index

From this FIFA it will be possible to evolve and train not only the young promises of the club. Any player can be evolved. You can develop an attacker’s bad leg for example. Or change the base position from a slower side to a flywheel. Even keeping experienced players like Ibrahimovic in shape without losing much overall.

Another novelty is in the negotiation between clubs. It will be possible to propose and receive loan proposals with a purchase clause at the end of the contract. Just like in many real-life football transactions. In addition, the players’ overall varies according to how comfortable he feels in the position the coach places him. For example, if Neymar is behind the wheel he loses many points in general. In order for him to adapt to the new position, it will be necessary to train him in the new way mentioned above.

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