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FaZe wins BLAST Premier Spring Group A

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BLAST Premier Spring Group A took place these past few days and played well. MIBR and NiP fell early and it was the FaZe and Liquid teams that played in the group's grand final on Sunday.

The Brazilian team had a good performance at the beginning of the series, but ended up defeated by Team Liquid by 2 to 0 and fell to the recap of Group A. MIBR's choice map, Vertigo started out good for the Americans, who, on the defensive side, scored 5-1. The Brazilian team reacted in the seventh round, fitting a sequence of eight points and finishing the first stage in front by 9-6. After the turn of sides, Epitácio “TACO” de Melo and his companions extended the advantage to 13-6. That's when Liquid's reaction began, which added seven consecutive points to make everything 13-13 equal. Equality insisted on staying on the scoreboard and the game went to overtime.

There, Keith's star “NAF” Markovic shone, who appeared in the crucial rounds to give the Americans a 22-19 victory after two extra times.

In Inferno, an old MIBR problem, the Americans ran over in the first stage. Starting on the terrorist side, Liquid opened a 10-0 lead before seeing opponents score. The Brazilians reacted only in the final stretch, making four points and seeing the score stay 4-11. At the beginning of the second half, MIBR lost the pistol but reacted in the following rounds, reducing the advantage to 8-12. Jonathan “ELiGE” Jablonowski and his teammates reacted in the sequence and were quick to close the map, making 16-9.

MIBR did not start the championship well. (Image: BLAST)

After a bad debut, the Brazilian team fell to the recap of Group A, where they suffered defeat to NIP and said goodbye to the competition, this Saturday, in London. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo's team started the match well against the Swedes, but they didn't resist and suffered a setback. The Brazilians showed vorça winning in Train, their map of choice, by 16 x 9, but they succumbed in Vertigo by 16 x 12, and the account was closed in hell, by 16 x 9.

Group A Final

Liquid and FaZe made the Group A final in London. The action started at Mirage, chosen by Team Liquid. Led by Helvijs “broky” Saukants on an inspired day, the first map ended with the score of 16 x 9. The trample was consolidated in Dust2. Marcelo “coldzera” David's team conceded just two points to opponents in the United States, and closed the series with an impressive 16 x 2.

FaZe of Marcelo “coldzera” David won BLAST Premier Spring Group A. (Image: BLAST)

BLAST Premier Spring is the first major international tournament of the 2020 season. Between January 31 and February 16, 12 teams will be in London, England, to compete in the competition that will have a new format, divided into three stages.


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