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Experience The Stylish Streets In Neo: The World Ends With You



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“Neo: The World Ends With You” will be available for “Nintendo Switch” and “PS4 (PlayStation 4)” on July 27, 2021. This summer, a “Windows PC” version is coming to the “Epic Games Store.” Rindo realizes that he is in grave danger when he is forced to compete in a “Reapers’ Game.”

Co-developed by “Square Enix” and “Jupiter Corporation,” here is “Neo: The World Ends With You,” which is the follow up of the 2007 role-playing game, “The World Ends With You.”

NEO: The World Ends with You - Release Date Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Use hundreds of psychic abilities as you physically scuffle in the stylishly animated streets of Shibuya (the shopping district of Tokyo). Each member of the Wicked Twisters have a psychic ability. Rindo has the ability to rewind time for a day, allowing him to change the actions he previous committed for a better outcome. 

Players in the “Reapers’ Game” will have to overcome enemies known as Noise, which come in all shapes and sizes. You may find out that you are up against beasts or fiends, which is necessary to eliminate in order to continue your missions. 

For eliminating your enemies, you obtain powerful, new pins. Some pins to name are “Azamura (a shockwave psych, allowing you to slash enemies with a flaming sword) and the “Angelic Kick (where you can perform an aerial kick). Does that put a smile on your face? 

The animation appears like comic book sketches where each character has their own individuality. There are thick and thin, black digital marker outlines, dramatically designed buildings, dangerous monsters, and awesome music. Beat the “Reapers’ Game” to survive.

This game stars Rindo (a high school student) and a new cast of characters. Other characters in the game are Minamimoto (a psychic who appears as a reaper in the original “The World Ends With You,” Fret, (Rindo’s fellow classmate), and Nagi (a college student). 

Takeharu Ishimoto composed music for the previous game “TWEWY.” For the upcoming game “Neo: The World Ends With You,” Takeharu has written new songs as well as rearranged familiar tracks from “TWEWY,” including “Twister” and “Calling.”

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