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Epic Game’s First NFT Game Looks Disappointing

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Grit on epic games

Fortnite publisher Epic Games has always been keen on cryptos and NFTs. With GRIT, the publisher is all set to make its debut in the blockchain games. Gala Games, the developer, has just signed a deal with Epic Games on June 6 at the Galaverse convention.

Interestingly, when Steam announced that it won't welcome NFT games, Epic jumped in and came to the rescue. At the time, Tim Sweeney, the CEO and founder of Epic, commented, “Epic Games Store will welcome games that make use of blockchain tech provided they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by an appropriate group.”

Finally, Epic Games has decided to act upon it, and start listing NFT games in the store.

GRIT is Available on Steam As Well

As the Wild West battle royale was developed by Team Grit, the blockchain game is listed on Steam too. Gala Games entered into a partnership with Grit in February. Interestingly, the game description on Steam has no references to Web 3 or blockchain. The listing has not been updated since January 2022.


This would make Gala Games' partnership with Epic an official release. Grit's description on the Epic Games store says, “Saddle up your steed stride into the Web3 revolution to become the fastest gun in this epic battle royale.”

GRIT Received Poor Reviews

At Galaverse, they made several important announcements, the most important announcement being the collab with Epic. As a part of this collaboration, Gala plans to launch more NFT games on the store.

At the Galaverse, Gala Games commented, “Grit is going to be one of the very first [blockchain] games on the Epic Games store. This is the moment that it’s all gonna start to change, and everybody’s gonna figure out that…why would you play any game where you don’t own what you buy in the game?”

Players as well as video game review sites were quick to bash GRIT. Kotaku headlined their review as “The First Blockchain Game Coming To The Epic Store Looks Like S**t”. Meanwhile, PC Gamer called the game “half-baked”

Fans took to Twitter and Reddit to express their views about the upcoming NFT game. Here's what the community had to say:

grit on epic games


grit epic games gala games

It looks like people aren't excited about owning digital horses in a mediocre-looking game. Kotaku's review was straightforward and said, “Grit is not only beige, but also was likely made by an eighth grader with nothing better to do after school.”

So far, the game has garnered criticism from the gaming community and the press as well. It would be worthwhile to see how gamers would react when GRIT finally launches.

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