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EA Teases Battlefield 6 With a Cryptic June Reveal



Electronic Arts have dropped a tweet that suggests news surrounding Battlefield 6 will be revealed next month. In only a few short words, the gaming giant has made it clear that players can expect a spool of juicy details in June. Unfortunately, the exact time and platform have yet to be set.

Glossing back over 2020, EA fused the majority of the details surrounding upcoming games through the newly-forged EA Play Live. And going on from what we saw last year, where EA passed up the opportunity to lay roots in E3, it’s a strong possibility that the official showcase could very well be the place for the latest Battlefield 6 announcements. Plus, with E3 being just around the corner and still no sign of EA being on the roster — it’s incredibly likely that the updates will branch from their own resources.

Of course, EA has yet to cement a moment for the EA Play Live event this year. However, sources have slated a June 14th date — which would definitely tie in with the Twitter update. But that remains to be seen.

Will Battlefield 6 be pulling away from World War II?

What do we know about Battlefield 6 so far?

Back in April, Oskar Gabrielson of EA DICE brought a few promising words to the table which escalated the hype for the latest Battlefield entry. In a blog post, the general manager said that the upcoming instalment was being built by “the biggest Battlefield development team ever” and promised a “jaw-dropping experience” with “all-out military warfare”. Along with this, the post also mentions “game-changing destruction, massive battles, packed with more players and mayhem than ever before.”

EA DICE has confirmed that they are in the testing phase of the game, and are looking forward to showcasing the material soon. And so, with that, we can only sit and wait as the calender collides with June.

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