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EA Play Live 2021 is Set for July 22nd



EA has finally revealed the date for their annual showcase, EA Play Live. Similar to previous years, the gaming giant will host the showcase shortly after E3, which they’ve skipped for a number of years now.

On June 22nd, EA will promote their latest works and sink into the details surrounding the ventures. With news expected to surface on the Skate reboot, Dragon Age 4, and perhaps a deeper look into Battlefield 6, it’s looking to be an enticing showcase all around.

What else is in store for EA Play Live 2021?

Earlier this week, EA teased a Battlefield 6 update via a tweet, which was pointing towards a June reveal. Now, whether or not the secured date of EA Play Live will change that is somewhat unclear. That said, it is likely that EA will use both months to escalate the hype for the upcoming instalment.

On top of the headlining titles that are expected to showcase at the event next month, EA Play Live will also be digging a little deeper into some of their third-party originals, as well as the spool of sporting games they aim to put out each year. Of course, that means FIFA, Madden NFL and UFC are most likely going to have a dedicated spot in the presentation. However, EA has yet to confirm the full details behind the event, which means we’ll have to keep second-guessing for the next two months.

Similar to 2020, EA Play Live will likely resort to using the online domain to present their work. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, it’s looking as though a physical event is far beyond reach any time soon. And so, with that, it’s fair to say that the event will probably drop on the likes of Twitch and other streaming platforms. But we’ll keep an eye on the updates should anything miraculously change before July. Here’s hoping.

EA Play Live will take place on June 22nd.


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