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E.A Announces Dead Space Remake Release Date

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Electronic Arts (EA) has announced an official release date for 2008's Dead Space remake.

The company announced Dead Space‘s remake release date during an hour-long livestream in which the developer discussed the game's art and design in great length.This is one of several broadcasts from EA Motive, which intends to be accessible and responsive to fans in order to ensure that the remake is as authentic as possible to the original.

Following the remake's formal reveal, E.A Motive has offered Dead Space fans an incredibly detailed behind-the-scenes peek at its development. The developer revealed more about the game's gameplay modifications, audio, and art in three consecutive livestreams.

E.A Motive, which previously created Star Wars: Squadrons, is redoing Dead Space with several changes to the game's gameplay mechanics, plot, and characters.

The remake of Dead Space was first revealed in the summer of 2021 with the developers confirmed a release window of “early 2023” in the begining of this year.

According to EA, the Dead Space reboot promises to increase the level of dread and immersion to unparalleled heights compared to the original. However, EA Motive's version of the game will include increased audio and visuals. The developer will also be adding other improvements, like improved storylines for Isaac Clarke, characters and game mechanics. 

The developers will use EA's Frostbite engine to build the Dead Space remake “from the ground up.” It hopes to maintain the original's vision in mind while expanding the audio, visual, and combat options.

The game will see the return of Gunner Wright who will reprise his role as protagonist Isaac Clarke. After a few moments of silence, Clarke's character will begin to speak more frequently during story events. Clarke was completely silent for the duration of the film's original theatrical run in 2008.

The Dead Space series presently includes three core games, beginning with Dead Space in 2008, and two spinoffs. 

Dead Space Release Date

EA has announced that the Dead Space remake will launch on January 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, and PC. We can't wait to see waht the remark will look like.


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