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Game Downward Enhanced

If you enjoyed Caracal Games' recent release, Traumatarium, you're probably looking forward to their forthcoming release, Downward Enhanced. With the release date only a few days away, fans can only refer to the announcement trailer for now. However, those who regularly follow the developer will notice this is not a fresh installment. Downward Enhanced is a revised version of the 2017 game Downward, created by the same developer and publisher.  

However, it promises various in-game upgrades that will take the gaming experience to a new level. If you've previously played Downward and enjoyed every element, prepare for even more exciting moments in the medieval world in 2024. For now, here is everything we know about Downward Enhanced.

What is Downward Enhanced?

 Game Downward Enhanced

Downward Enhanced is a first-person open-world platforming video game created by Caracal Games. Published as Downward by Plug In Digital, it is a return from this 2017 installment, presenting a new and better version of the parkour-based adventure video game. 

The initial entry has garnered descriptions as an underrated indie game, potentially influencing the developers' choice to repackage the game with a new title, Downward Enhanced. Downward Enhanced, which has the same developer and publisher, will continue to allow players to go on humanity's final adventure through the remains of the post-apocalyptic globe. Players seek to assemble clues to solve the riddle of humanity's destruction. 


Downward Enhanced Game

Downward Enhanced follows a mythical storyline depicting a post-apocalyptic planet Earth. Chaos erupts when three other planets stray and begin to orbit the Earth mysteriously. The bizarre revolution spells death and disaster on planet Earth, escalating to the destruction of humanity. It marks the end of an era. The apocalyptic event has changed the Earth we know. A world filled with scary and dangerous ruins, with glorious landscapes, but no longer for humankind alone. Spiraling from the deadly calamity is out of the question, and the only way forward is downward. 


Downward Enhanced

Immerse yourself in the medieval ruins of planet Earth in a first-person open-world adventure. The gameplay focuses on exploring the ruins as you unravel the mystery behind the apocalypse. However, it’s not your ordinary adventure. The difference lies in its appeal to parkour lovers and its range of techniques, making the experience even better. There is much to do in the vast world, and each player’s experience is unique.

But nothing is served on a silver platter in Downward Enhanced. Use your freedom to traverse the open world, feast your eyes on breathtaking landscapes, and explore secret spaces to shape your path. Gather hidden treasures and valuable items as you attempt to find answers to the anomaly that befell the world. Maneuver through the obstructing shambles by running, jumping, hanging, and sliding. You will build your experience level as you progress, upgrading your powers and stats to take down the awakening monsters. Combine your enhanced abilities with your parkour skills to handle the Ancient Guardians who are determined to end your journey. Nothing can stop you from obtaining the legendary artifacts that control Earth’s disaster.

More on Gameplay

Downward Enhanced

Nonetheless, giving your character new talents will increase their potential for parkour moves like jumping. Slingshots and teleports are examples of special weaponry that let you view the surroundings from a whole new perspective. Additionally, you can enter a safer area in the astral realm and use various tasks to put your abilities to the test when you feel overwhelmed by the voyage. You'll also adore controlling the landscape by directing the sky's impact, which modifies parkour and the scenery. Your surroundings become your greatest ally; you can even call forth heat, gravity, or floods.  

Downward Enhanced's gameplay remains unchanged from the original game for the Lone Traveler. Only with the additional alternate endings and extras, does the adventure feel more treacherous this time. The apocalyptic disaster appears to have left behind a slightly more lovely setting with breathtaking and treacherous landscapes that challenge your emotions. The game can only be easily completed with an explanation of the end of the Earth by agile players who possess a sufficient amount of resolve and precision. When interacting with the Ancient Guardians, you must also maintain control over your body, mind, and spirit. 


Downward Enhanced:

On May 21, 2024, Caracal Games and Plug In Digital made an eagerly anticipated announcement, revealing Downward Enhanced as the ultimate iteration of their acclaimed 2017 game, Downward. This new title stands as a testament to the developers' dedication to refining and expanding upon their original creation. While maintaining the beloved game environment and core gameplay characteristics, Downward Enhanced introduces many enhancements that elevate the experience to new heights.

One of the most striking upgrades is improved graphics, which breathe fresh life into the game's immersive world. Players will marvel at the intricately detailed landscapes and atmospheric lighting, enhancing immersion and realism.


Downward Enhanced - Official Release Date Trailer

The developers of Downward Enhanced have already treated eager fans to an announcement trailer for the upcoming game. This 0:53-minute teaser serves as a visual feast, showcasing the game's breathtaking color palette and graphics. The trailer vividly depicts the aftermath of a bizarre calamity that has befallen the world. Set against a backdrop of hauntingly beautiful music, it immerses viewers in the game's atmospheric world.

One striking aspect of the trailer is the portrayal of the player character, who effortlessly navigates the ruins with impressive parkour jumps and maneuvers. From leaping across chasms to gracefully scaling walls, the character's movements are a testament to the fluidity and responsiveness of the game's controls.

Release Date & Platforms

Release Date & Platforms

The original game launched on July 13, 2017, on Steam, offering adventure game enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in a fresh, fast-paced gaming experience. Following the developers' announcement, it's making a comeback on June 4, 2024, with the launch of the Downward Enhanced edition for PC and consoles. Fans can access the game on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the game will be provided as a free update for fans who already own it on Steam.

So, what’s your take on the upcoming Downward Enhanced release? Are you a Caracal Games fan? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or in the comments. 


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