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Death Stranding Confirmed for PC Game Pass

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Death Stranding for free

What began with PC Game Pass changing their Twitter profile picture to Death Stranding screenshots, which many gamers interpreted as a hint that the game would be added to the subscription service, has now been confirmed. And if you're a subscriber, you may be playing the game faster than you think.

Today, developer 505 Games confirmed that Kojima Productions Death Stranding is now coming to Game Pass for PC on August 23. Antonela Pounder, 505 Games' Director of Global Community, confirmed the games' availability on Game Pass in a blog post today. “The version you will play on PC Game Pass will include the same features as the Steam and Epic Games Store editions,” said Pounder. “This includes high frame rate, photo mode, hard mode and cross over content from familiar franchises such as Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077,” Pounder added.

Xbox Wire released a similar post conveying the same information. However, according to their post, the PC Game Pass edition of Death Stranding will also include the Chiral Gold / Omnireflector “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses (Color Variant), Gold and Silver Power Skeleton, Gold and Silver All-Terrain Skeleton, and Gold and Silver Armor Plate. Which you can unlock as you progress through the game's story.

The game also got an announcement trailer for PC Game Pass which was released today. It's nothing more than some cutscenes, but it does advertise ultrawide support, a new “very hard” difficulty, and some looks at the Half-Life collaboration content.


What About Death Stranding 2?

It could be that Death Stranding is releasing for PC Game Pass in order to build anticipation for the series' second installment. Norman Reedus, who plays the game's protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, mentioned in a May interview that Death Stranding 2 is in the works. However, developer Hideo Kojima has not followed up to confirm that statement since then.

All we've heard from Hideo Kojima is that he mentioned in June that he is working on a cloud-based project with Xbox. “It’s a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before. I’ve waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it,” said Kojima.

Since that surprise announcement, we've had no follow-up. So it'll be interesting to see what the future holds. But, with the release of Death Stranding on PC Game Pass, it appears that we're getting closer to more news on either front and whether they're linked.


So, what's your take? Will you be playing Death Stranding as it joins PC Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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