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Dead Space Remake Dev To Host Live Stream This Week



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Motive Studios, the creators behind the upcoming remake of Dead Space, is all set to host yet another livestream this week. Fans who want to get an early glimpse at the visuals of the remake can tune into the livestream.

Motive Studios had announced the remake of Dead Space back in June 2021. The original 2008 Dead Space was praised for its intense atmosphere building and a gripping sci-fi plot. Its visual and art style also received critical acclaim. The video game managed to deliver a thrilling experience and is considered to be one of the best survival horror games to date.

In fact, Dead Space was so popular that it gave rise to several spin-offs, movies, comics, and much more. Considering the game's popularity, it is no wonder that a new-age remake was highly anticipated.

Interestingly, Motive Studios has been very open about the whole development process and kept interacting with fans. The team did several livestreams and kept the fans updated.

The next livestream is titled “Crafting The Tension” where the art developers will discuss the visual tweaks and additions that they have made to the remake. The announcement was made via Dead Space's official Twitter handle.

The livestream will be available on YouTube and Twitch. Fans can tune in to the stream on May 12th at 10 AM PT. Links for both YouTube and Twitch are mentioned in the tweet above. You can also use the links given below:



The earlier livestreams revealed interesting details for the upcoming remake. Notably, the new ALIVE system has caused some buzz in the community. The ALIVE system lets players control Issac's heart rate, breathing, and dialogues to deliver a more engaging experience. In the live stream related to audio aspects of the game, it was also revealed that the remake would have a realistic sound environment.

The Dead Space remake is expected to release in early 2023.

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