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Dark Horse Comics Acquired By Video Game Giant, The Embracer Group



Dark Horse Comics, the publisher of classics like 300, The Umbrella Academy, and Hellboy, was recently acquired by the Embracer Group (a Swedish video game holding company based in Karlstad). The Sweden-based parent company includes publishing and development studios Gearbox Software, Deep Silver, Koch Media, Saber Interactive, THQ Nordic, and Coffee Stain Studios. 300, The Umbrella Academy, and Hellboy were adapted into television shows and film.

Potential Buyers:

Bloomberg reported in early December, that Dark Horse is weighing its options for potential buyers. The rumors are pointing to Disney, Netflix, and Viacom, as options. Dark Horse is not only renown for competitive comic books, but is known as the tenth operative group of the Embracer group. The comic book publisher has video game tie-ins, and merchandise. It is the third-largest comics publisher in the U.S., has more than 40 entertainment projects in development at Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Universal, Syfy, MGM, and Warner Media, and has a library of more than 300 intellectual properties (like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars, Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Critical Role). 

Sin City, the movie is based on the Frank Miller’s first, third, and fourth books in the series. Yes, the movie skipped the second book. IR Gurus (rebranded as Transmission Games) commissioned a 30-second concept video of what a Sin City video game would look like. The Sin City project, that was supposed to have an unprecedented melee combat system, was canceled.


Embracer said that buying Dark Horse, “strengthens its transmedia capabilities by adding expertise in content development, comics publishing, and film & TV production. Additionally, there is untapped potential in creating games based on Dark Horse IP and substantial opportunity for synergies within the Embracer group, both within the Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment.”


Dark Horse is only one of five companies that Embracer Group is acquiring. 

Embracer Group Is Acquiring: 

  • Perfect World Entertainment
  • Shiver Entertainment 
  • Spotfilm Networx

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