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CS:GO New League for 2020

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A new league of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is due to arrive on the international scene in 2020. Behind the scenes, the owners of MIBR and Cloud9 are the ones who are moving and structuring the idea, which is already not named. Officer of “B Site”. This North American league is scheduled for release in March.

Immortals Gaming Club is the company responsible for MIBR. (Image: MIBR)

According to various sources, the league will feature a regular month-long season, followed by a final, with the first season starting in March. The regular season will take place at LAN through three point-based tournaments, with the top eight teams qualifying for the finals. The first final will take place in Europe, but the final season and the alternate season are expected to alternate between North America and Europe in each subsequent season.

The league will not prevent professional teams from playing other events and tournaments hosted by other companies, but it is expected to overlap with the ESL Pro League as a result of avoiding Valve sponsored circuit and Majors events. Playing this new league and also the ESL Pro League will not be possible because the programming of both will be at the same time. Current world number 1 Astralis recently declined to participate in the upcoming ESL Pro League season and is currently expected to play in the B Site league, according to sources, meaning that the three teams confirmed for the league so far are MIBR, Cloud9 and Astralis.

Astralis is the #1 team currently and can migrate to the B Site league. (Image: Astralis)

Following the publication of this story, Astralis leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander tweeted that Astralis has made no final decision as to which league to play in 2020.

According to sources, League B Season seasons take place with a total prize pool of US$ 2 million (US$ 1 million per season). The league is expected to be filled with 12 teams. Ten teams will pay a US$ 2 million signup fee and will own the league, including profit sharing. Two additional teams will participate in a qualifier and will not be included in the league's revenue sharing model, although they also do not have to pay the entry fee.

Additional confirmation from League B Site came with information submitted to DBLTAP by a team source comparing revenue sharing numbers between ESL and the new league. Instead, B Site will directly compensate players with an initial revenue share number of approximately US$ 1.04 million, as shown in the chart below.

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