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Cook Some Indian Cuisines In Venba



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The one thing that all gamers love to do outside a video game is visible in it. Soon, in this indie, adventure game, you’ll be able to participate in this irresistible activity while having fun. Visai Games brings to you “Venba,” a narrative, cooking game, that can make you hungry more often. November 2021, is the release date and you can wishlist it on Steam or get updated by following the Twitter Feed. 

In “Venba,” your playable character is an Indian mom who immigrated to Canada in the 1980s with her family. The storyline involves the themes of family, loss, and love. Cook various dishes and find secret recipes during conversations. A new home is yours and through cooking South Indian cuisines and soothing music, you’re celebrating your roots. 

Ever since February of 2020, “Venba” has been a working progress. The art style (with a 2D, painting look) was created by Toronto-based, freelance artist, Sam Elkana. It looks like an anime movie, but it’s controllable. “Venba” was made to give a positive look for India while shedding light on the modern struggle Indian families endure, relocating abroad. For those who make time to cry while watching movies, “Venba” could be a tearjerker. For others relating, the storyline may hit home too well, but it’s an experimental project. 

When Gameffine interviewed the developer, Abhijeeth (from Visai Games), he was asked Abhijeeth was asked, “Does Venba mean something?” Abhijeeth replied, “Not only is it a name of the mother, it’s a name for a poem.” Venba (also known as Venpa) is a form of classical Tamil poetry. Whether or not there will be poetry in the video game, it remains a mystery.

When asked about what type of college he went to , Abhijeeth’s response was, “Community. I could’ve gone to college for game development or game design, but I decided to go for programming itself. So what I learned was the solid programming fundamentals. Everything else was self-taught. Like Unity, I learned on my own.” Manas asked, “Who do you look up to,” then Abhijeeth responded enthusiastically, “I love talking about this. Right now, I think Lucas Pope who made “Papers, Please” and “Return of the Obra Dinn.”


Venba Wholesome Games Trailer



Maybe the gameplay entails culinary skills you can incorporate to your real life. “Venba” is already expected to be not have entire step-by-step tutorials on how to cook complex Indian dishes, but will be an engaging puzzle game where you grind spices (like mustard seeds), dice vegetables (like carrots), add ingredients (like rice, potatoes, and dal), and more. That doesn’t take away from the fact that you can still learn how to cook by sitting back, playing a video game. Use all of your cooking equipment to your advantage and watch the pan heat up on on the stove, faster than normal. 

Throughout the storyline, you’ll notice the relationship issues between the parents. It’s unknown if the playable character will be able to do anything else, besides cook, but that main element already has the attention of gamers. If you’re into indie games, the chances are, you ran across this piece, wondering what else may be in it. Maybe the main character can be controlled, moving around landscapes, exploring the Indian culture. 

The possibilities are endless on what other elements can be added. What we do know about “Venba” is it is a game that’ll get people wanting to learn more about the Indian culture. It’ll get gamers hungrier while they play on the PC and likely, they’d want to Edina their teeth into Indian cuisines. This could be a game that’s has the full potential to make everyone feel good about their day. 

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