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Co-op Multiplayer VR Fantasy Game A Township Tale Gets Quest Release This July



Developer Alta Reality's unique VR Adventure game A Township Tale is set to release for the Oculus Quest this July 15. The game is currently on the official Oculus store for $9.99. The quietly developed MMO-like has been available in early access on PC since 2018 as developer Alta has honed a deep profession and crafting system.

The game has players taken to an abandoned village where they must bring it back to life with the various roles that they take part in. Players can forge items as a blacksmith, gather resources as a miner, or fight off foes as a warrior, and there are woodcutter and archer professions, too.  A Township Tale leans deeply into its crafting, allowing players to intuitively take on roles simply by taking the time to experiment and learn the process of each trade. Each class has tasks that involve physically replicating what the player might do in the real world, like hammering swords over an anvil as a blacksmith or putting genuine effort into axe swings whether it’s to chop a tree or fell an enemy. In this sense, the game’s been uniquely designed from the ground up for VR.

“To bring something as big as A Township Tale to standalone VR seemed crazy, but we were able to start the process last year in 2020,” Boramy Unn, Game Director, said in a statement. “The PC version of A Township Tale isn’t complete and had many technical improvements to be made. We found that dedicating to these improvements would align us well with working on a Quest version and so we began.”

Until now, A Township's Tale was only available for PC VR Headsets. The game is free-to-play on the PC version. But the Quest's $10 priced version will include 1,000 Talems (the in-game currency) which players can use to purchase premium cosmetic items. Players can also get 2,000 Talems if they decide to preorder A Township's Tale for the Quest. The studio has stated the Quest version will get most of, but not all, of the PC version's features at launch, with plans to reach feature-parity in the future. The studio also notes that cross-play between Quest and PC is unfortunately not supported yet, but plans to support one-way cross-play in the future by allowing PC players to connect to Quest servers.

“From the moment the Quest was announced, the requests from fans started to roll in for a dedicated version of our game, even though the thought of delivering a world as expansive as A Township Tale to a standalone device seemed crazy,” said Boramy Unn, “We began the process last year, and now on July 15 we’ll be launching A Township Tale on Oculus Quest, bringing to life a fantasy we’ve had since we were children: To truly embody the RPG characters we play in a fantastical world.”

A Township Tale | Oculus Quest | E3 Announcement Trailer

A Township Tale will be released for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 on July 15.


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