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Warrior with a spear stands against alien creatures in ChainStaff

Imagine a world overrun by alien spores, where every shadow hides a mutated creature. Your only hope? A strange alien parasite attached to your head that gives you control over a powerful weapon called the ChainStaff. But is this new power a blessing or a curse? But what makes ChainStaff unique, and how will it shape your gameplay? What kind of world will you explore, and what enemies will you face? Curious to learn more? Here's everything we know so far about ChainStaff.

What is ChainStaff?

Character fights giant turtle monster breathing fire in fantasy world

ChainStaff is described by the developers as “a brutal action-platformer with a transforming spear and grappling hook and blazing weapon upgrades.” The game is set in a world overrun by aliens, and players must use a unique weapon called the ChainStaff. This weapon can change forms, which allows players to throw it as a spear, use it as a shield, or grapple across different areas. The main challenge here is to master these forms to fight enemies and navigate the environment.

Adding to it, the game's visuals are hand-drawn, inspired by the album covers of the 70s and 80s. Players will explore a variety of landscapes, from misty rocky crags to icy hills and mossy cliffs with waterfalls. And adding to the experience is the game's soundtrack, composed by Deon van Heerden. Known for his work on Broforce and Warhammer 40000: Shootas, Blood & Teef, his music for ChainStaff features heavy metal riffs and atmospheric synth melodies. This combination sets the tone for the game's intense action, making the overall experience even more engaging. So, with its challenging gameplay, unique visuals, and powerful soundtrack, ChainStaff promises to be a unique 2D action-platformer.


Character shooting at floating sun-like enemy

In ChainStaff, Earth is invaded by the Star Spores, a vicious alien species that has mutated the planet's creatures into terrifying monsters. You, a soldier, are bonded with a parasitic alien that attaches to your head. This bond gives you special powers and control over the ChainStaff, a versatile weapon that can transform into a spear, shield, and grappling hook. As you journey through strange, twisted landscapes filled with mutated enemies and powerful bosses, you'll meet other stranded soldiers. You must choose to either save them, which can help humanity fight back, or harvest their organs to boost your own abilities. These choices lead to different endings. The alien in your head guides you, but its intentions are unclear. SO, this adds a layer of psychological and moral tension as you battle to reclaim Earth and save yourself.


Character shooting at alien creature in colorful, surreal environment

ChainStaff's gameplay is shaping up to be a thrilling mix of action, strategy, and exploration. At the core of this experience lies the ChainStaff itself, a transforming weapon that players will need to master to survive the alien onslaught. This weapon can be hurled to slice enemies in half, thrown down as a shield to block attacks, or used as a grappling hook to swing across gaps. Switching between these modes should feel seamless, with a simple one-button control system.

Moreover, players can expect to face a diverse array of enemies, each mutated by the alien Star Spores into unique and challenging foes. The variety in enemy design means that players will constantly need to adapt their strategies. From fast-moving, aggressive creatures to hulking behemoths that fill the screen, each encounter will test different aspects of the player's skills. The game is also set to feature intense boss fights. So, mastering the ChainStaff’s different forms will be crucial for survival.

Furthermore, the challenge is further heightened by the game's death mechanics. Players might find themselves pounded to mush, stabbed through the heart, or sheared in two—each death is brutal but avoidable with the right approach. This will encourage a learning curve where players improve through trial and error, making each victory that much more rewarding. Moreover, the game presents players with moral choices that impact both their abilities and the story's outcome. Throughout the game, players will encounter stranded soldiers. They can choose to rescue these comrades, gaining their support and resources, or harvest their organs for grotesque upgrades.


A character with a ChainStaff fighting flying creatures in an alien landscape

ChainStaff is being developed by Mommy’s Best Games and published by Null Games. Mommy’s Best Games, known for their games like Explosionade, brings their distinct creative vision and expertise to this project. Null Games is committed to supporting indie developers with a focus on fun, social experiences devoid of battle passes or loot boxes. The game is still in development, and the developers have promised to reveal more about the game in the future. And for those eager to dive into this brutal action platformer, you can add ChainStaff to your wishlist now.


ChainStaff: Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer for ChainStaff gives us an exciting glimpse into what we can expect from the game. It sets the stage by introducing us to a richly detailed 2D hand-drawn world, complete with the characters and enemies players will encounter. Through dynamic scenes, the trailer showcases the ChainStaff’s versatility in combat and navigation, hinting at the strategic depth players will need to master. Additionally, it teases the backstory. If you haven't watched it yet, do check out the video embedded above for a firsthand look at this thrilling upcoming game!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Character battles large bird creature on a vine in alien landscape

ChainStaff will launch on PC via Steam in 2025, though the exact release date remains unannounced. Developers have hinted at potential releases on other platforms, but details are still under wraps. Also, players can look forward to a standard version of the game, with no special editions currently confirmed. For the latest news and announcements, follow the official social media accounts here. We'll share more information as it becomes available.

So, are you ready to master the ChainStaff and take on the alien invasion? Also, which feature of ChainStaff are you most excited to experience? Let us know on our socials here!

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