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CES 2020: What to expect from the world’s largest technology event

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One of the most traditional annual technology events, CES 2020 officially begins this Sunday in Las Vegas, United States, starting the industry calendar with the promise of a flood of products, gadgets and technology news.

A meeting point for companies such as Amazon, Intel, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Sony and more, the convention – as in previous years – should have a mix of current technologies, including 8K TVs and other home products, and medium and long term innovations such as 5G and autonomous cars. Of course, with one or two surprises along the way.

5G (once again)

At this point, the 5G is no surprise at CES. The next generation of mobile connectivity has been discussed for a few years and its first commercial deployments have started around the world in countries such as the United States. By 2020, however, the expectation is that the 5G networks will finally arrive, which will become more tangible for end users. In practice, that means one thing: new 5G smartphones.

CES is not traditionally known as an event marked by the launch of smartphones. Major manufacturers often save their ads for other times of the year, such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC) or for their own events.

The promise is that this year 2020 5G will reach new smartphones. (Image: Pixabay)

Still, there is always the expectation that one company or another will decide to anticipate an announcement to take advantage of the spotlight under CES and showcase some product. Another possibility is for small or midsize companies to unveil gadgets or services related to 5G, also expecting to draw attention during the convention.

Next generation TVs

Unlike smartphones, televisions are at home at CES. The Las Vegas event is traditionally where companies introduce their new TVs – whether they are market-ready models or conceptual designs. Recent examples of this were The Wall, Samsung's modular MicroLED wall-to-wall television, and LG's folding television, which can be completely hidden by curling into furniture that resembles a side table.

With this year's next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft expected to arrive this year, more 4K HDR TVs are expected to be featured, as well as models that can play 120Hz content.

TVs promise a lot for 2020. (Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America/AFP)

As usual, 8K televisions should also be fun and showy at the event, but they still have the status of niche technologies – far from reality for the overwhelming majority of consumers. And with the promise from Microsoft and Sony that their consoles will also play 8K content, it is possible that these TVs will gain more popularity, but it is too early to predict any kind of mass adoption.

Autonomous, electric and flying cars

A few years ago, the auto industry made CES their home when it came to presenting industry news. With constant advancement of electric cars and vehicle automation technologies, companies such as General Motors, Aston Martin, Fiat, Honda and Jeep are confirmed attendances this year. Electric vehicles should continue to be the focus of automakers this year, but technologies that bring more comfort and convenience to the driver will also be in the spotlight – including artificial intelligence systems.

Hyundai will present the Personal Air Vehicle (PAV). (Image: Hyundai)

Another trend that is already confirmed at CES 2020 is flying cars – hailed as the next frontier for urban mobility, prototype flying cars have already been shown in past editions of CES and will continue to appear. Among the confirmed models this year is Hyundai's Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) concept flying car.

Daily life assistants everywhere

Home automation has been a recurring theme at CES for a few years. With the advancement of home wirelss connectivity and evolving connected devices, the dream of the connected home – capable of making life easier by automating everyday tasks – continues to be sold by the companies participating in the event.

Alexa can receive news. (Image: Amazon)

Google and Amazon already have confirmed attendance at the conference, so it would come as no surprise that CES 2020 will bring a flood of products with the Wizard and Alexa shipped. From smart speakers to appliances, washing machines to smart home hubs, partners of the two tech giants should show it all.

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