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Capcom Reveals the First Resident Evil 4 Remake Gameplay Trailer During RE Showcase

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Capcom has revealed the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4. The publisher unveiled the trailer, giving fans a taste of the remake during Capcom's Resident Evil showcase. 

The trailer features Leon S. Kennedy as he discovers information regarding the president's daughter. We see Leon's first significant run-in with the infected Ganados villagers. He has to continuously shoot and flee to avoid being killed. We see Leon swiftly boarding up doors to give himself some time and leaping across rooftops to get away from his assailants.

Resident Evil Showcase | 10.20.2022 [ENGLISH]

The trailer demonstrates the difference in the storyline and highlights how the gameplay is different. Following the trend of past remakes, Resident Evil 4 now lets you walk while shooting your gun. Since attackers can strike from a variety of angles and even hold you while others slash at you, Leon has learned to deflect blows with his knife. It appears that Leon will be able to use the terrain to his advantage and hide from his enemies.

Capcom stated that its intention is to pay respect to the original game's environment while incorporating fresh ideas and state-of-the-art graphics to improve the main themes of the title. According to the description, this “will provide a fresh experience with a sense of familiarity if you played the original, that both newcomers and veterans to Resident Evil 4 will enjoy”.

The publisher also announced that Resident Evil Village would be getting a demo for its upcoming third-person mode. The demo is now available on PlayStation , Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Both the game's Gold Edition and the forthcoming Winter's Expansion DLC will include the third-person mode. However, before purchasing, players will have the opportunity to try it out for 60 minutes for free. 

Resident Evil 4 will launch on March 24th, 2023. Preorders are now open for the Standard, Deluxe, and Collector's Editions. 

What is your take? What do you think of the Resident Evil 4 remake? Are you looking forward to the game's release next year? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 


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