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Capcom Celebrates 25 Years of Resident Evil



Yes, you read the title correctly. Twenty-five years. That's quite a remarkable milestone for a video game, wouldn't you say? Of course, if Resident Evil flopped after its original 1996 launch and never evolved into anything more than a standalone title, then this accomplishment wouldn't be anywhere near as fulfilling. And yet, as it stands, Capcom has fuelled life into this undead franchise for almost three decades now and has yet to close the book for good. That's something I think we can all admire — especially from a developer's perspective.

From bite-sized (yes, that was intentional) mobile ports to fully-fledged blockbuster titles — Resident Evil has dished up just shy of thirty chapters over its long and healthy reign. And then, of course, how could we forget the spool of movies, comics and live-action remakes for Netflix? All in all, Capcom has assembled one heck of a franchise over the years, and it all stems back to March 22nd, where Resident Evil was brought to life on PlayStation.

Resident Evil - Trailer 1

Twenty-five years, huh?

It almost feels like a lifetime ago since we explored Raccoon City for the first time, doesn't it? Even the awful voice acting still rings in our ears for every time we drag up the nineties era of survival horror. Though, whatever Capcom did during those early stages of development and post-production seemed to ignite a fire in many hearts moving forward. Whether it was the bold attempt at exploring something new or just the ambition brewing from a new perspective; Capcom inspired thousands without even realising it.

It's 2021, and we're on the brink of chewing through yet another fresh chapter to the Resident Evil timeline any day now. And, while zombies might not be at the forefront of the roster anymore — the series has still been able to keep its audience through fresh designs and captivating plotlines. Plus, we'd go as far as saying Capcom are at the top of their game these days, and that Resident Evil is only in its infancy compared to what the developer has planned. Though, perhaps that's a story for another time.

Here's to another twenty-five years of Resident Evil. Thanks for the memories, Capcom.

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