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Call of Duty Shows Off Modern Warfare 2 Ice Sculpture



call of duty modern warfare 2

Activision and Infinity Ward have already unveiled Modern Warfare last month. It is more of an expansion to the 2019 hit Modern Warfare, and this is why fans are excited. The upcoming title is all set to release later this year. And if there are no delays, Modern Warfare 2 might roll out in October or November, just like all other Call of Duty titles.

Coming to the marketing part of the release, Activision seems to have spared no expense. The marketing team seems to be getting creative with the campaigns and making the most out of its budget.

A few days ago, the developer revealed the logo for Modern Warfare 2. And now, Call of Duty’s official Instagram and Twitter handles have shared a video that features the new logo but in the form of a stunning ice sculpture. The video is aptly captioned “Stay frosty”.

The minute-long video shows slabs of ice being cut, shaped, and polished. Towards the end, you get to see the full logo being formed along with the green tinge. The clip ends with the sculpture falling and shattering into a million pieces.

With a few months left until the release, the marketing for the game has been amped up. The NFL draft prospects have been provided with a sneak peek into the game and players have given positive reviews so far.

The developers might officially reveal the game in June this year, and we might also get a gameplay trailer. If we refer to the release timelines of the previous games, alpha and beta tests will be rolled out for MW2 around August.

Along with Modern Warfare 2, Activision is actively working on a Call of Duty Warzone sequel. Both games are being built on a new engine. It would be interesting to see what Modern Warfare 2 has to deliver.


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