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Call of Duty Challengers Is A Promising Amateur League

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While everyone is fixated on the Call of Duty League, an amateur series, Call of Duty Challengers is also on its way. The finale will hit us during the summer and have a prize pool of $500, 000. Here's everything we know about the schedule.

Call Of Duty Challengers Is A Bold Move

With it, Activision has decided to give CoD amateur fans a chance to also make money from the eSport. Call of Duty Challengers will have 3 big events and dozens of small and open $2k tournaments. It will intertwine with the Call of Duty League, with most events being organized on the same day. Amateurs will be able to fight during the Summer for the $250, ooo. The same prize could be earned on the CDL Launch Weekend in Minnesota.

How It Works

The amateur players compete in both LAN and online events, earning Challengers Points. This is a point system that ranks each player individually and also provides the placement of the whole 5-player team. The top 16 teams that acquire the most Challengers Points will then be able to participate in the bigger League-hosted events.

Call of Duty Challenger event will reach its peak on the final championship weekend late in Summer. There, amateur players will have a chance of earning a chunk from the sizeable prize pool.

There will also be a few Challenger-only events. So far, 3 of them have been confirmed and every new one will be announced here.

February 29th to March 1st (Paris)

March 21st to 22nd (Toronto)

May 21st to 24th (Atlanta)

Call of Duty Challengers

So far, there are 14 Challenger events

Activision's Jack Felling shared: “I'm really proud of this program … We are one of the few (only?) to support massive open bracket amateur events”. We can only hope that other popular Leagues will start following this model and start supporting amateur players.


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