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Build A Conservatory On Rainbow Island In Slime Rancher 2



Monomi Park is back at it again with another rainbow-hued, open world, first-person, life simulation game. Beatrix LeBeau, (a plucky, young Rancher) ventures across the Slime Sea to Rainbow Island in Slime Rancher 2, the sequel to the award-winning, Slime Rancher. During your exploration, use your tactical decision-making to avoid a rolling, jiggling avalanche of slime. Rainbow Island is a land bursting with wiggly, new slimes to wrangle and flooding with ancient mysteries. 

Slime Makes Us Think About?:

When you think about slime, maybe the slime (green, semi-viscous substance) from Nickelodeon, comes to your mind. Green slime was synonymous with Nickelodeon ever since its first appearance on You Can’t Do That On Television and is now famous for being on the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Slime Rancher 2 - Official Announcement Trailer | E3 2021

On You Can’t Do That On Television, just say the phrase “I don’t know,” then you get slimed. Slime is dumped on someone’s head as an act of celebration or humiliation, which means being slimed. Instead of lowering your head in shame from being slimed, you can just raise your head in gusto. It is really made out of apple sauce vanilla pudding, green food coloring, and a little oatmeal. Does this make you wonder what Beatrix LeBeau is really made out of? At least in Slime Rancher 2, slime can be a variety of colors. 

Beatrix’s adventurous spirit will be put to the test, when she encounters a variety of colors of slime. She will collect slime and bring them home to raise. Slimes can even be combined as showed in the trailer. In the pin, Cotton Slimes we’re combined with Flutter Slimes, giving them the ability to flutter around. It is sort of like Kirby or Jigglypuff not appearing like a Jawbreaker (also known as a Gobstopper) hard candy, but more like Flubber (a rubber-like laboratory invention).

Slime Rancher 2-NEW SLIMES SO FAR!

Nick Popovich (Slime Rancher Game Developer) told K2C Digital, “In the original Slime Rancher, when you moved into a new zone, we would introduce you to a new slime, a new resource, or something a little deeper. Now, we have a bunch of that classic stuff, as well as new stuff, and we have a new way that resources are being distributed to players.”


Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows

On the release day, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass 

Initial Release: 2022


  • Discover Wiggly New Slimes: like the aquatic angler or the bouncy cotton slime, have fun collecting new slimes on the Far, Far Range (an unnamed alien planet, a thousand light-years from Earth)
  • Explore A Vibrant New World: continue the  journey as Beatrix LeBeau on a rainbow-hued island
  • Build A Conservatory On Rainbow Island: Earn newbucks from slime plorts and build new gadgets, expand your conservatory, and collect resources on Rainbow Island to upgrade your vacpack

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