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Blizzard’s Overwatch is Free Until January 2021

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To aid us in gathering a little extra Christmas spirit, Blizzard has stepped forward and served up a nice little stocking-filler to keep us entertained for the holiday season. Overwatch, thankfully, is now free to play up until January 4th. Of course, we've seen Overwatch make its free rounds before, but never for more than a couple of sneaky days. So, for two whole weeks, it seems that Blizzard is adamant on building its player base for 2021.

The team-based first-person shooter has built quite an army of loyal followers since its 2015 launch. With over 40 million players worldwide, it's fair to say that the cartoonesque run and gunner title has made a splash in competitive gaming. And now, depending on the amount of spare time you have — you can join the action, too. Plus, as a fair trade, you can rack up as much experience as you like for the next two weeks — and still carry it over when purchasing the full game. So, if you're happy to wet your toes in the trial, then you've got two weeks to build your portfolio.

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Alongside this rather generous offer, Blizzard is also offering discounts on other games in their epic library. With up to 65% off on selected games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, fans can enjoy a variety of quality games for slashed prices. But remember — the sale is only on until the January 4th. So, if you feel like snatching a deal or two, make sure to swing by the Blizzard store and line-up your shopping cart.

Happy holidays!

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