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Blizzard Addresses Overwatch 2 Launch Issues and Discusses Rollback of SMS Protect Feature

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Overwatch 2 is proving to be a problem. Blizzard has been under heavy fire for its failure to launch one of its flagship titles. With many players eager to play Overwatch 2 upon release, the stage was set for an extremely successful launch. This did not happen however, as Blizzard was hit with a DDOS attack amidst launching the game. While the team scramble to find a solution to this problem, fans wait with bated breath in the lengthy queues.


Acknowledgement of Launch Issues

Quick to tend to the needs of players, Blizzard responded, issuing a statement about just how intertwined these problems are with other issues with the game. Antsy players anticipating playing only add to the long queue times as Blizzard tries to address all of the encompassing issues plaguing the game. While the main issue being felt by players is the server stability, the issues with the game go deeper for the developers.


Steps in the Right Direction

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Seeking to solve their server issues, Blizzard proceeded to patch one of the servers that had been causing them so much strife, with the hopes that stemming the bleeding of these problems will help address the community's disdain for Blizzard at the current moment. While it remains to be seen how long players will have to wait for a completely stable experience, Blizzard appears to be hard at work to alleviate these issues.

Another issue that is greatly affecting the situation is the SMS Protect system, which in the eyes of many fans was an invasion of privacy as it required players to supply Blizzard with their phone numbers. With the change set to be going live effectively on Friday October 7th, 2022, Blizzard is adamant in their stance that they are using this system to be more attentive to players. How the community reacts to the rocky launch of Overwatch 2 fully remains to be seen.


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